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The Hair Affair

Hairstyles make all the difference in a person’s appearance. The basic do over for any makeover would be to change the hairstyle, I quote based on all the reality makeover shows I watched before. Honestly, it can make a person appear better or worse and the results are immediate. Naturally, people feel lousy about themselves if they have had a bad hair cut or a bad hair day.
As JimMorrison quotes, “Some of the worst mistakes in my life were haircuts.”. An interesting poem from Samuel Goodman Hoffenstein goes:

Babies haven’t any hair;

Old men’s heads are just bare;

Between the cradle and the grave Lies a haircut and a shave.

For babies, they are without a care and they definitely do not care for hair. Some have more, some have less and some are born with none. However it is the mothers that do care about such hair affairs and mothers that send their children for their haircuts.
My bubba has undergone many hairstyles and with each new hairstyle a new look emerges.

Those Elvis sideburns

For Bubba, he was born with a lot of baby hair and even had little Elvis side burns. When we shaved his head and his sideburns, my girl friend Brenda was so upset as she really digs side burns!


Bub spotting a Albert Einstein Hair do, the intelligent mad scientist look!

Hair so long he kept pulling at it, to prevent premature balding, we cut it before his birthday.


Bubba’s fringe is so long and we cut it and he looks like a Korean superstar ;). No matter what hairstyle Bubba sports, he is absolutely adorable and handsome to me.

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  1. Rina Lee says:

    Hi Bubba & Mama, I am Rina of The D’s Kiddy Salon. I agree with you, hairstyles are very important and a good haircut is even more important. 🙂

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