Bubba’s Major Milestones

Latest Happenings

By now, at 14 months, Bubba has already mastered waving “bye-bye”, drinking from a cup and even sipping from straws. Bubba can almost stand by himself, he can stoop down and then stand back up again, sometimes he may be lazy to do it unless coaxed, but confidence and steadiness have grown with each day.

Bubba drinking yakult from straw

Fourteen-month-olds also love to move objects from one place to another; they never seem to tire of opening and closing drawers. He is constantly in motion, testing out his physical abilities by climbing about. His enthusiasm far surpasses his abilities, so Bubba needs to be monitored closely.


At this point, I am sure to childproof my home and I figured the best way to ensure that Bubba can’t injure himself is to take a tour of each room of the house on my hands and knees and look for trouble — the kind a child could get into.

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