Good Nutrition Tips During Pregnancy

AN ADEQUATE AND NUTRITIONAL DIET IS ESSENTIAL FOR THE GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF YOUR BABY Follow these good nutrition tips during pregnancy to give your baby the best start in life:- 1. During the second and third trimesters it is recommended to increase dietary intake but not necessarily during trimester one. In trimester two, it […]

Assess your Child’s Development with Fisher-Price Play IQ

FISHER-PRICE HELPS PARENTS NAVIGATE THE COMPLEX WORLD OF EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMENT WITH THE LAUNCH OF PLAY IQ There is no better way to relax, than by playing and having fun with Bubba.   He’s happy playing, discovering new shapes, sounds, textures and words while you either interact and play along with him or simply watch over […]

Review: Baby Marcel/ Guardian i-Angel

TAKING THE WEIGHT OFF MOTHERS EVERYWHERE How is it being a parent? That’s a question we’ve all been asked ever so often, which I find rather unexplainable. The immense joy one feels that is unmeasurable, perhaps that’s why babies are called bundles of joy! As time passes, our bundles of joy grow a little bigger […]

The Baby Bag to Rule Them All

Introducing the crème de la crème of baby bags: the Orchard Tote by Tribe. Having recently been shortlisted for the Junior Design Award 2013 in the Best Baby Bag category, the Orchard Tote neatly hides Bubba’s knick-knacks behind a facade of sleek sophistication. Looking at the polished black creased leather with silver detailing, you’d be […]

Useful Things to Store in Your Baby Bag

Sure!  This may be something basic but it is one I definitely could have done with reading as a first time mum. Yes, I found out the hard way that one extra diaper is not nearly enough. In fact, I remember an embarrassing occasion where Bubba’s poop exploded all over her pants and my baby bag contained […]

Help! My baby has teeth!

Not so long ago, my little baby was happily cooing away and looking up at me with those big adorable eyes. Fast-forward a drool-filled, sleepless, rashy week later and Little Miss Gums had cut her first tooth. After snapping away photos of that goofy pearly white…the thought then suddenly dawned on me, how am I […]

Philips Avent redesigns bottle after 29 years!

When I had my little one, I struggled to get her to feed from the bottle…no matter what brand of bottle I purchased, she knew that somehow it wasn’t quite her mama’s boob! In the end, I failed to find a fitting teat and resigned to the fact that there was only one thing that […]

Feeding time just got easier with MAM

Thank goodness for MAM. Just when my little one is transitioning to solids, stylish Austrian babycare company MAM have come up with a new feeding line. Helping with the transition from being spoon-fed to self-feeding, all of the pieces are ergonomically designed to reduce mess (hallelujah!) and ensure that our bubba’s are getting the most […]

GIVEAWAY: Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream!!!

Previously, I wrote about how Bepanthen Nappy Rash Cream works wonders for my Bubba.  However, please don’t take my word for it– Bayer is offering you all a chance to test the nappy rash cream out for yourselves for free! Yay! *** The first 300 Bubbamama readers to register with Bayer will receive a FREE […]

Natural Nappy Rash Solution for a Happy Bubba (Bepanthen review)

I’ve never been a huge fan of zinc oxide based nappy rash creams.  Something about that thick, sticky waxiness that gets stuck underneath my nails and lingering mild fishy smell makes me dread having to use it when Bubba gets a rash. So, when Kat passed me a tube of Bepanthen Nappy Rash cream to […]