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Useful Things to Store in Your Baby Bag



Sure!  This may be something basic but it is one I definitely could have done with reading as a first time mum. Yes, I found out the hard way that one extra diaper is not nearly enough. In fact, I remember an embarrassing occasion where Bubba’s poop exploded all over her pants and my baby bag contained one pair of socks and three woollen hats!! Thankfully that was a lesson well learned.

In order to help you avoid any similar disasters, here is my list of baby bag essentials:

–       Diapers (at least 3!)

–       Wet wipes and anti-bacterial wipes for wiping down high chairs and cleaning sticky fingers

–       Nappy rash cream

–       Changing mat

–       Clean set of clothes (at least 1)

–       Bibs

–       Socks

–       Sun hat

–       Sun screen

–       Insect patches

–       Snacks and or meal, depending on how long you intend to be out

–       Water and formula / breastmilk

–       Plastic bags for rubbish, soiled clothes, stinky nappies, etc.

–       Toy (at least 1)


–       Pacifier

–       Book – Bubba loves having a small book to flick through, for those unexpected waits or restless moments in highchairs

–       Breast pads and Nursing cover (for the breastfeeding Mama)

–       Fan

Phew! That should keep your Bubba clean, fed and occupied whilst also giving you some great upper body strength. Are there any things that you can’t leave the house without?

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