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Dragon’s Blood Capsules from Kan Wang


Dragon’s Blood (Resina Draconis) capsules – to cleanse the blood vessels and enhance circulation. It sounds like something Harry Potter might prescribe, but stay with me here, because these capsules exist and are nothing short of magical. Traditional Chinese Medicine distributer, Kan Wang, have just brought this age-old medicine to Singapore and you’ll be relieved to know that no innocent dragons were slain in the process!

Dragon’s Blood capsules contain the powdered essence of the sap from the Dragon’s Blood tree, so called for it’s remarkable blood-red coloured resin. These curiously named trees have an equally intriguing background. Native to the Socotra archipelago (a small group of four islands in the Indian Ocean), the trees are very slow growing, contain sap that historically has been utilised in ritual magic and have been described as resembling an upturned umbrella…though, these words don’t it justice, I’ll let you be the judge:


From these majestic trees, it is the Dragon’s Blood sap that offers the medical remedies. Discovered and utilised by the Ancient Chinese, it was highly regarded for its healing properties. Though NOT recommended for pregnant women or individuals with gastrointestinal diseases, among the vast repertoire of benefits include the following:

–       Improvement in blood circulation

–       Curing dysentery / diarrhoea

–       Assisting the healing of internal ulcers

–       Alleviation of pain and curing of wounds


Kan Wang have harnessed these benefits and formulated specific medicines, as follows:

–       ‘Capsules Resina Draconis’ ($12.80 per 36 capsules) for improving blood circulation, overcoming haemorrhage and long unhealed abscesses.

–       ‘Capsules Compound Resina Draconis’ ($12.80 per 36 capsules) for heart related symptoms like chest tightness.

–       ‘Nightime’ tablets ($9.80 per 36 capsules) for insomnia

–       ‘Xiang Guo Jian Xiao’ ($9.80 per 36 capsules) for promoting digestion, reducing bloatedness, abdominal pains and distension.

I don’t know about you, but I was sold at ‘Dragon’s Blood’. Just imagine telling people you’re taking capsules of Dragon’s Blood at night! Dragon’s Blood to get rid of the remnants of haze from your bloodstream! Any excuse to drop it in a conversation, really.

Visit Kan Wang website kanwang.sg to purchase

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