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Help! My baby has teeth!

Jack N’ Jill Toothbrush

Not so long ago, my little baby was happily cooing away and looking up at me with those big adorable eyes. Fast-forward a drool-filled, sleepless, rashy week later and Little Miss Gums had cut her first tooth. After snapping away photos of that goofy pearly white…the thought then suddenly dawned on me, how am I meant to brush that thing??

Thankfully, there were more options available to me than I had initially thought! Here is my run down of natural and safe ways to make sure your bubba’s teeth are kept in tip-top condition!

Jack N’ Jill Silicone Finger Brush
Jack N’ Jill Silicone Finger Brush

The finger brush! Pop this nifty little 100% medical grade silicone brush onto your finger and get your bubba into the habit of great oral hygiene. On one side you have soft bristles and on the other, a rounded dimple which you can use to massage those pesky teething pains away!

 Jack N’ Jill Toothbrush
Jack N’ Jill Toothbrush

Once your bubba graduates from the finger brush, Jack N’ Jill have an earth-friendly toothbrush made of biodegradable Corn Starch. The ergonomic handle is topped with super soft nylon bristles and is 100% recyclable.

Jack N’Jill Toothpaste
Jack N’Jill Toothpaste

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any cooler– Jack N’ Jill also does toothpaste in FIVE different flavours, which are all, yep…you guessed it…nice and natural. Take your pick from strawberry, blueberry, banana, blackcurrant and raspberry, with the knowledge that each and every flavour is:

  • Fluoride free
  • Sweetened by Xylitol, a plant based sweetener and cavity fighter
  • Containing Calendula, a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Not containing Fluoride, sugar or Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS)

If only adult toothpaste was this cool!!!

Brush Baby Dental Wipes
Brush Baby Dental Wipes

Dental Wipes…think wetwipes for the teeth. These are soft, disposable and allow you to gently get in to your baby’s mouth with full control. Containing the natural plant based sweetener, Xylitol, it also helps to combat bacteria.

Brush Baby Chewable Toothbrush & Teether
Brush Baby Chewable Toothbrush & Teether

If your bubba likes to be in charge, why not try the Chewable Toothbrush and Teether? This award-winning silicone brush allows your little one to grip on to one end, whilst they chew on the other and unwittingly clean their own teeth!  As an added bonus, it can also be popped in the fridge or paired with teething gel to act as a comforting teething aide.

So there you have it, four different options to ensure your Bubba stays cute as a button and cavity free!

Jack N’ Jill and Brush Baby are available at all Mothercare outlets as well as the Not Too Big children’s outlet at Forum Shopping Mall, Orchard Rd.

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