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Review: Baby Marcel/ Guardian i-Angel

Baby Marcel 1

Baby Marcel 1


How is it being a parent? That’s a question we’ve all been asked ever so often, which I find rather unexplainable. The immense joy one feels that is unmeasurable, perhaps that’s why babies are called bundles of joy! As time passes, our bundles of joy grow a little bigger and taller, and with that comes backaches and shoulderaches.

Korea’s best selling baby carrier, Guardian i-angel, will keep aches away for good. Intensive research and case studies have paid off, as i-angel is the only hipseat baby carrier which has been proven to reduce weight and stress our on shoulders and child-bearing hips. This stylish baby carrier comes in a whooping 21 range of colours and designs.

There are so many things I love about the i-angel Hipseat Baby Carrier and the first has got to be the hipseat. Simply remove the detachable straps and there’s the super versatile hipseat, where you can choose to wear it infront, behind and even on the side. Bubba can seat facing inwards or outwards, whereever she pleases. Do note that the Hipseat has to be rather tight and on the waist for maximum comfort and support.

Baby Carrier2

Being made of 100% cotton means it’s incredibly breathable for Bubba’s skin. Top grade Dura Flex is used for realiable buckles, while plush paddings cushion and spread weight evenly with its thick straps.

Bubbas from 3 to 36 months, weighing between 3.5 and 20 kilograms, fit comfortably in this miracle baby carrier. Sure, it does look bulky, but this is by far, I personally have 4 baby carriers from hand-me-down ones to the latest model, and Bubba Emma does not like those a single bit. i-angel is the only she approves of and has even fallen asleep in too! Emma’s and my favourite. By the end of my two-week love affair with i-angel Hipseat Baby Carrier, it was a heartbreaking goodbye for me.

DETAILS (click here for more pictures):
i-angle Hipseat Baby Carrier is available at:
  • Takashimaya Departmental Store 
  • Metro Paragon
  • Aprisin Singapore
  • Motherworks.

For more information, please visit babymarcel.com

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