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There is no better way to relax, than by playing and having fun with Bubba.   He’s happy playing, discovering new shapes, sounds, textures and words while you either interact and play along with him or simply watch over him, and observe the imaginative ways in which he plays. But, how can you assess your child’s development? How can you play with your child to help him develop his fullest potential? How do you know which toys to provide to offer a full range of development opportunities?

Play IQ by Fisher-Price addresses these concerns, answers development questions and provides parents with the help they need as they navigate the complex world of early child development.

8 ways to play with you child – Infographic developed by Fisher-Price Play IQ

Play IQ is a Fisher-Price concept and platform that helps parents assess a child’s level of development in three key pillars : Physical, Cognitive and Social & Emotional. By identifying child development in this way, parents can learn how to help their child achieve new milestones and keep track of their progress in these areas.

Deborah Weber, Head of Infant Research at Fisher-Price, explains the idea of Play IQ:

Play IQ is more than just letting babies play. It is really about realizing that babies develop at their own pace and achieve milestones at different times. It’s also a time of discovery for parents, especially first-time moms and dads; by understanding a child’s Play IQ, they have a clearer roadmap of what to expect. Play IQ aids in what babies need to learn, at what specific stage of development they are at, and how to best support them to achieve their fullest potential.

Fisher-Price Play IQ is an interactive website where parents can gain knowledge of each key development stage of their child. The site offers a personalized measure of a baby’s Play IQ through interactive content, expert advice, educational games and activities, and will teach parents how they can participate in developing their child’s Play IQ.


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Do look out for our feature on choosing toys for Bubba. We help you provide the right toys at the right age to help your child achieve more milestones.


Also, read our interview with Head of Infant Research at Fisher-Price, Deborah Weber :

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