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The Baby Bag to Rule Them All


Introducing the crème de la crème of baby bags: the Orchard Tote by Tribe. Having recently been shortlisted for the Junior Design Award 2013 in the Best Baby Bag category, the Orchard Tote neatly hides Bubba’s knick-knacks behind a facade of sleek sophistication.

Looking at the polished black creased leather with silver detailing, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this bag is just an attractive workbag. Inside is where the magic happens. Notably deep and compartmentalised with loads of pockets, you’ll be able to tote around all of Bubba’s things, as well as your own, without having to pull out half of the contents to locate the wet wipes or keys (guilty).

Here’s a closer look:

Visual Guide to Tribe's Orchard Tote

So, what’s the catch? Well…let’s just say this pretty bag will cost you a pretty penny! Tribe’s Orchard Tote retails at a cool $549 and can be found at www.tribebags.com/

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