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Feeding time just got easier with MAM

Dipper Set

Thank goodness for MAM. Just when my little one is transitioning to solids, stylish Austrian babycare company MAM have come up with a new feeding line. Helping with the transition from being spoon-fed to self-feeding, all of the pieces are ergonomically designed to reduce mess (hallelujah!) and ensure that our bubba’s are getting the most out of meal times.

Here’s a quick look at the new utensils and containers on offer…

Feeding Bowl
Feeding Bowl
Feeding Bowl with Double Compartments
Feeding Bowl with Double Compartments

Dual compartments to keep the variety up in your baby’s diet, an airtight lid to prevent spillage and a handle to help you hold the bowl whilst feeding.

Feeding Spoon & Cover
Feeding Spoon & Cover

Love this combo – a long spoon for the adult and a little spoon for bubs! The long one helps you to reach into deep containers and the little one has an age appropriate middle-of-the-spoon grip, so your little one can copy and learn! Included is one cover, perfect for those on the go meals.

Feeding Bowl & Plate
Feeding Bowl & Plate

Now that my little one has taken to pushing things off her highchair and onto the floor, this is one that’s going straight on my shopping list. A bowl that is set on an anti-slip rubber bottomed tray, allowing for spillage when learning to self-feed and a cute little place to keep finger foods.

Snack Bowl
Snack Box

Another one of my personal faves – this is something I haven’t seen before. The snack box can open up like a normal storage container for easy filling, but also has a little lid on the top that can be opened up and attached to the bottom. The cool thing about this is that it forms a little handle for your bubs to hold, and creates a little hole in the top of the container, which is just small enough to prevent spillage and just big enough for a tiny hand. Genius.

Dipper Set
Dipper Set

The corrugated Dipper set is constructed for that messy step before your baby fine-tunes his or her eating skills. Sturdy and chunky, the spoon is great for picking up purees and the little fork is a nice little tool for learning to skewer food.

Baby’s Cutlery
Baby’s Cutlery

Once your little ones are ready to feed themselves, here is a stylish and safe little set to get them started on their way. The fork again helps them learn to skewer their food and the knife is only slightly serrated to help them learn to cut their meal into manageable pieces.

All of the above come in a choice of pink, blue or green and you can conveniently buy them online at www.mymambaby.com

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