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Fun For Kids At Shangri-La Hotel: Buds By Shangri-La

Fun For Kids At Shangri-La Hotel: Buds by Shangri-La

There’s now a new place in town for you to bring your kids to have fun. Shangri-La has introduced a new play area just for them – Buds by Shangri-La. Located in the new rejuvenated Tower Wing, it promises to keep your little ones entertained with the wide variety of programmes and activities it has in its various activity zones.


The first thing that’s bound to catch your child’s eye once they enter is the humongous indoor play area also dubbed the Explorer Zone. Large and varied enough to rival the play areas that you find at shopping malls, it has a mesh obstacle course, slides, ball pits and ball guns just to name a few. With something new to discover at every turn they make in the play area, your kid can be easily entertained for hours as they go on an adventure through the nature-inspired builts.

For those under four, the Explorer Zone might be too challenging for them to handle. Instead, there is a dedicated Toddler Zone, which is padded with foam mats, has a ball pit, slide and an interactive piano floor. There are even baby jumpers for the little ones to bounce up and down.

Physical activity aside, there are themed activity spaces where special activities are held just for children.



For budding little artists, Muddy is a free-for-all painting studio. Kids will be suited up in bright green painting smocks and given free reign over the room. With brushes and paints at their disposal, they are free to make their own creative drawings on paper or even on the walls, something that they would never be allowed to do at home.

Those who enjoy performing can head to the Stage. With costumes and wigs that they can dress up in and boogie to the beat under the guidance of instructors. We’re duly impressed by the set-up, which mimics a recording studio, and well as the neon sign walkway that all the adults really liked.


Little chefs can try their hands at baking simple treat under the watchful eye of the chefs at Shangri-La at the Bake cooking classroom. Everything in Bake is colourful and child-sized to make kids feel at ease as they handle their culinary tasks. While we visited, a cookie decorating class was in session and every child was immersed in making a uniquely decorated set of cookies.

There is also a Party Room that is designed to facilitate birthday parties. The room is also spacious enough to accommodate painting activities and it can be decorated to suit any birthday party theme.


Shangri-La has thoughtfully included a cafe within the premises for parents and kids alike to recharge their batteries with food. They have everything from coffee and cakes to salads and fruit granola, so you’ll definitely find something to suit your palate. We think it’s also a great place for the adults to hang out while keeping a watchful eye over the kiddos.


Buds by Shangri-La also has an Outdoor Zone (located behind the Garden Wing) for dry and wet play. Kids can find their pirate treasure at the giant pirate ship structure filled with ladders, whirly slides, rope bridges and even a mini rock climbing wall. At the wet zone, there’s a water play area where there is water shooting out from every corner with moveable water guns and splash pads.

Buds by Shangri-La is open to both hotel guests the public. Access is complimentary for those staying in the deluxe family rooms and themed family suites. For everyone else, the following rates apply:

Hotel Guests – S$28 (Child); S$18 (Toddler below 4); unlimited playtime
Restaurant, Spa and Health Club Guests – S$28 (Child); S$18 (Toddler below 4); 3 hour playtime
Public – S$48 (Child); S$28 (Toddler below 4); 3 hour playtime

Separate charges apply for activities and one adult entry is included for every toddler/child entry. To ensure the safety of your little ones, RFID wristbands are used.

Our little one definitely had fun there and we had to tear him away from the playground when it was time to go. That’s definitely a testament to the good time that he had, and we’re sure your kids will thoroughly enjoy themselves too.

Buds by Shangri-La is open everyday from 9am to 9pm (7pm for Outdoor Zone). For reservations, please call +65 6236 1666 or email reservations.sls@shangri-la.com. To find out more about Buds by Shangri-La, please visit rediscovernew.shangri-la.com.

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