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Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to attend the Gala premiere of Ghost The Musical.  This timeless fantasy about the power of love was indeed exceptional.  Here, we review Ghost the Musical and tell you some of our favourite ‘bits’ to this truly fabulous story of undying love.

The musical opens with a passionate duet of “Here Right Now” by the lovebirds, Molly Jenson (Lucie Jones) and Sam Wheat (Liam Doyle). The fervent kiss they share at the end of the song oozes love and sets the theatre alight with romance. Complementing each other in every way, the stage couple carries out a convincing performance that tugs at heartstrings.

One of our favourite characters is Ode Mae Brown (Wendy Mae Brown), the fraud psychic who turns legitimate when she hears the dead Sam speaking to her for the very first time. Wendy puts up an animated performance that has the audience tickled pink every single time she comes on stage. Her lavish dressing and exaggerated expressions bring a welcome relief to the otherwise depressing plot.


Overdriven with projections and illusions, the snow, rain, brilliant cityscapes and moving subway accurately portray modern life. All of these combined to create a magnificent mise en scène that is eerily real. The best is always at the last – Sam’s final goodbye to Molly and Oda Mae is visually beautiful with plenty of smoke and blue sparkles to resemble the pathway to heaven.

Adapted from an award-winning film about the supernatural power of love, Ghost The Musical opened at MasterCard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands on 4th November 2015. With enchanting state-of-the-art special effects and a stellar cast.  Tickets are still available, do click HERE for dates and pricing information or click HERE to purchase.

If you are planning to have a romantic night out with your partner (without the kids), watch Ghost The Musical to experience the moments of romance and the power of love that only the two of you will understand.

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