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Most Singaporeans will proudly admit that we are a country of passionate foodies. We Singaporeans love our food and are not afraid to admit it. However, according to a recent survey commissioned by Electrolux (a leading household appliance company), the majority of us don’t have a food waste conscience. That is to say, despite our love for food, we hardly think about food that’s being wasted. According to the Waste Statistics and Overall Recycling by NEA on 2 December 2015, 788,600 tons of food were wasted in Singapore in 2014.

“While kitchen confidence is on the rise, with more than 62% now making a concerted effort to eat more at home more than they used to, the volume of the nation’s food waste each month is also growing. It’s easy to forget when we are emptying our kitchen bins that we are all contributing to a much larger food waste issue. We are excited to kick-start this regional initiative in Singapore as we all have a responsibility to be more food waste aware and to commit to making changes at home to do our part”, commented Kenneth Ng, Electrolux Head of Major Appliances Asia Pacific and Executive Vice President.

While on average S$350 is spent on food at home a month, most households aren’t exercising portion control, which results in more food being prepared than will be eaten. Only 32% actually prepare meals based on the number of people who will be present for a meal. Only 25% in general make leftovers appealing and 35% reuse leftovers as tomorrow’s ingredients, which suggests a lack the ‘know–how’ when it comes to working with leftovers.

Less than half of respondents, would naturally consider the freezer as a means to reduce waste in their home. A stagering 92% save leftovers but forget about them and eventually throw them away. The same goes for many other foods stored in the deep dark forgotten depths of the fridge and the back of cabinets, that are out of sight and out of mind and very often out-of-date when they are eventually rediscovered. Forgotten about food is one of the top five reasons why food is wasted at home, followed by preparing too much food / taking too much food on your plate (51%), catering for fussy eaters (31%), households not liking leftovers (29%), and rarely eating together as a family (11%).

To reduce Singapore’s food waste, Electrolux has launched the campaign #happyplatesg, marking the start of the company’s regional commitment to food waste awareness across Southeast Asia. This campaign was launched on World Food Day on 16 October 2015. The dedicated microsite happyplate.sg will provide recipe inspirations, cooking tips, real-time campaign updates, words of support from influencers and advice on how to get involved.

Electrolux has enlisted the help of Wendy Jacobs to lead the charge alongside a number of notable influencers in Singapore to rally the help of Singaporeans through social media to support more than 1,000 local families in need through the campaign’s beneficiary, The Food Bank Singapore.


Here’s how you can show your support for#happyplatesg:

1) Instagram – post a picture of your empty plate from now till 22 November 2015, use #happyplatesg and encourage two other friends / family members to follow suit (or upload directly to the microsite). With the help of The Food Bank Singapore, every three hashtags will be converted into an Electrolux Happy Food bundle. 3,000 hashtags will create 1,000 bundles, which will support up to 1,000 families across the island.

2) Volunteer – donate your time to help pack the Electrolux Happy Food Bundles generated through #happyplatesg.

3) Cooking Demos – head to TANGS Orchard (basement) every Sunday, from 18 October to 22 November, to catch renowned Singaporean Chef Eric Low (Chef E), in action at one of 12 free-to-attend cooking demonstrations. Learn first-hand, how to reduce food waste at home as well as pick up practical, fun and useful tips to help the average household make a difference.

You can also stand a chance to win one of 24 places at exclusive cooking workshops hosted by Chef Eric Low at The Providore Cooking Studio, PasarBella, The Grandstand on 5 December 2015. Here you will learn useful tips on creating delicious recipes and making the most of leftovers.

“We have a shared vision, like us, Electrolux, wants to increase awareness of food waste locally, but it is taking this to the next level by empowering Singaporeans to make a positive, long-term change in behaviour through kitchen education. It is committed to delivering this at the same time as supporting thousands of families who need it most in Singapore. We are delighted and heartened by the company’s commitment to reducing food waste at home through #happyplatesg,” Nichol Ng, Founder, The Food Bank Singapore.

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