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Previously, we shared about the importance of imaginative play. We are giving away 2 Barbie goodie bags (worth $60), each bag contains a Barbie doll from the latest Spring/Summer14 range, a Barbie Sticker notebook, a Barbie Sand art and a Max Steel DVD.

Here’s how you can WIN:

-You must be a follower of BubbaMama Instagram.

-You have to follow us on Facebook by liking WeareBubbaMama.

– You must be Bubbamama subscriber by filling out this form.

-Answer the question- “Why is imaginative play important” and share this post on your Facebook (from BubbaMama Facebook and tag BubbaMama).

ENTRY DEADLINE- 23rd May THE WINNERS (from a random drawing) WILL BE NOTIFIED VIA Facebook or email.
** Open to Singapore residents only. HAVE A GREAT WEEK & GOOD LUCK!!

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4 thoughts on “Giveaway: Barbie Doll

  1. Wow…Simply awesome giveaway & enjoy reading about Imaginative play..
    Imaginative play is an awesome way for Social, intelectual , emotional development. Great way to explore & learn about various things. I enjoy it as its a fun way for parent child bonding…Helps to improve their concentration too..
    It helped me a lot to overcome some of my child fears, while playing & giving her some idea How to cope with such situations..

    Thanks a lot for hostig My girls favourite giveaway….

    Ashmika jain
    [email protected]

  2. Hi! I've always loved Barbies when I was little and my favourite imaginative play was fashion show, my mom and I would use a torch as the spotlight, and we will do the runway show haha. I also remembered playing barbies with a lot of scenes with my sister, I think that for kids, imaginative play can help them to improve their creativity, because it's all about thinking a story, what will happen in the scenario when they're playing with it. Plus, it is also a good chance to build relationship with kids. Thankyou

  3. Wonderful giveaway … Love the way expressing the feelings..imaginative play really help for the child mental and intellectual development aswell it supports the child creativity ..

  4. Imaginative play is important to build on kids' creativity. some toys are very rigid and has only 1 way of playing with them. however, some toys like Barbie and Lego , there is unlimited ways of planning with them.. There is no hard and fast rules and it depends on the kids' creativity to "play" to their fancies. I believe in giving toys that give room for free play and imagination to my kids! especially Barbie dolls to my girl because i myself had 4 barbie dolls growing up!

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