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How about a perfect idea to get Bubba interested in recycling and drinking up all his milk?  F&N Magnolia can help us out here and soon, you will see your Bubba saving the planet and helping Mother Nature one small step at a time.

2015 marks a new milestone for F&N Magnolia as it joins the global movement to protect Mother Nature with its latest campaign to introduce its new F&N Magnolia Forest Stewardship Council ™ (FSC™) milk cartons.  In fact, F&N Magnolia are the first in the industry to use these FSC certified cartons for their 1-litre milk packs.  This certification ensures that the paperboard used in F&N Magnolia milk cartons come from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources where new trees are planed to replace those harvested.  This means that by choosing FSC certified cartons, you are supporting the conservation of forests and wildlife to help others lead better lives.

This global movement to protect Mother Nature does not stop there, now you can bring some greenery into your urban home too.  By recycling these F&N Magnolia FSC milk cartons as a planter, we can teach Bubba the importance of recycling, show him how to help protect Mother Nature and teach him about the cycle of the seed (and he will be drinking up all the yummy milk too).

Bubba is growing salad leaves for his guinea pigs
Bubba is growing salad leaves for his guinea pigs

To join the Global Movement to protect Mother Nature and Grow Greatness at home:-


  • 1 or 2 F&N Magnolia Forest Stewardship Council ™ (FSC™) milk cartons
  • Potting mix or planting soil
  • Seeds (sweet basil, Chinese leaves or similar)
  • Water
  • Sunlight
  • Window ledge


  1. Accompany Mom when she buys the groceries and point out the F&N Magnolia FSC™ Milk Cartons you need to buy (choose from lo-fat/hi-cal, omega 3 or regular Fresh Milk choices)
  2. Drink up all of the yummy and nutritional milk (ice cold with cookies is a perfect option or maybe warm before bed time can help you sleep!)
  3. Now the milk cartons are empty, rinse with tap water and ask Mama to help you cut along the dotted lines
  4. Toss the top of the milk cartons into the recycling bin at your home (you only need the bases)
  5. Fill the milk cartons, just over half full with your potting mix or planting soil
  6. Put a little water to make damp the soil
  7. Carefully place your chosen seeds on to the soil and cover with a little more potting mix or planting soil
  8. Now place the ‘planters’ on a sunny window ledge and remember to water them every day.

(Depending on the seeds you use the sprouting time will take various times, but you should usually see some tiny seedlings sprouting through around 5 days.)

Whats more, you can upload your pictures onto the Grow Greatness Diary Instagram Contest and stand chances to win prizes.  Just snap your F&N Magnolia FSC milk cartons along with your seeds or seedlings and use the hashtags #fnnmagnolia #magnoliafsc #growgreatnessSG

Three lucky winners will each win a 3D3N family stay cation at the eco-friendly Siloso Beach Resort at Sentosa.  For more information, please visit the F&N Magnolia Facebook page HERE : F&N Magnolia Grow Greatness.

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