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Pictures speak a thousand words when captured well and at the right time. Live Studios celebrates it’s first decade in the business of capturing beautiful and important moments from graduations to weddings and to add, other fashion events and corporate events. To further diversify into the photography business, Live Studios expanded it’s portfolio of services into kids, maternity and family photography by investing into Kids Pictures Professional Photography welcoming them to the Live Studios family.

Recently, I took my bubba Evan to Kids Pictures Professional Photography to have our mother & son portraits captured.  The pictures captured of Evan were candid and were taken in natural lighting which gave them a clean and ‘angelic’ feel.

I’ve never seen or is able to capture Evan smiling like a shiny star. The team at Kids Pictures Professional Photography caught his attention and made him laugh and smile (endlessly)! Those picture moments were priceless and certainly the ones I will show him when he grows up.

Kids Pictures Professional Photography was started by Anne Yim fourteen years ago.  One can see the beautiful pictures Anne took of her children when walking into Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio.  Anne is very passionate about kids and family photography, she and team has produced many ‘Precious Moments’ of many children and their families over the past decade.

Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio took candid shots of Bubba
Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio took candid shots of Bubba

This is how they do it:

  • use natural lighting- Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio is next to a huge glass window, a lot of natural light is used for the photography and it brings out the best and most innocent childlike look in the children.
  • use props and toys- the photographer and her assistant gave toys (cars and balls) to Evan to play and interacted with him while shooting him. There was a few shots of him smiling happily because the assistant threw the ball at him and also tickled him.
  • choreography of scenes- they have many scenerios created and used quite a few for Evan and I.
Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio captures a mother's love
Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio captures a mother’s love

Having a photographer who is also a mother herself made the experience an enjoyable one, she seems to know exactly what the kids are thinking and how they will smile or behave in front of the camera.  The pictures turned out really well and I strongly recommend Kids Pictures Professional Photography studio for parents who are looking to have their family portraits or their children’s pictures taken.

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