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According to the Swiss tradition, one has to be very careful when dipping your sweets into the chocolate, for if you drop your item into the chocolate there would be a “punishment” of sorts. If you were a girl, you would have to give every guy at the table a kiss. If you were a guy, you would have to buy everyone at the table a round of drinks. And if you dropped your food into the pot twice, you’ll have to plan the next fondue party for everyone.


We visited La Fondue, the only authentic Swiss Fondue Specialty Restaurant in Singapore. It is tucked in a quiet corner in Dempsey Hills and is set in a very quaint atmosphere.  Dinner started with a very interesting twist to the old ceasar salad. Normally what’s served is a large toss up shredded romaine lettuce, bacon, anchovies, virgin olive oil, some day old baguette or croutons. However what the chefs at La Fondue have done was to leave a very petite blub of romaine lettuce intact, and infused its core with the ingredients of a ceasar salad and daintily balanced a crispy slice of bacon with freshly toasted croutons on top. It’s a simple twist to the classic dish, but it served to heighten our expectations of the next few dishes to come.


We had the Whiskey cheese fondue, which was served with a platter of hors d’oeuvres that presumably must have been selected because they went well with the fondue. I must say, when that warm melting pot of cheese was before us, there wasn’t much conversation going on, we were all focused on dipping the pieces of steak and food in the cheese fondue (didn’t want to drop anything in the fondue).


Dessert was the Ying & Yang Chocolate Fondue served with an assortment of fruits, marshmallow and sponge cake, accompanied with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream.  Having a warm gooey pot of melted chocolate to dip your treats in make for a very warm and chatty atmosphere. Definitely a place to visit for something special for dinner with a loved one or as a family.


25, Dempsey Road, Singapore 249670, +65 6474 0204

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