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Eu Yan Sang’s latest child-friendly TCM Clinic at Eastpoint Mall in Simei is anchored by handpicked physicians who have clinical experience treating young patients up to 12 years old.  They seek to provide the most appropriate remedy based on individualised constitutions and conditions, treating the root of the problem instead of just its symptoms.

The Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinic @ Simei is specially designed as a child-friendly Clinic to better meet the needs of the residents and their young families in the Simei neighbourhood.  To ensure that their young patients feel at ease and settled while waiting for their consultation, Eu Yan Sang Integrative Health (EYSIH) has it well thought out with a dedicated play area that is equipped with ample toys and books.  Whats more, the toys are sanitised daily to ensure the Clinic upholds the highest sanitary efforts.

To enhance each visit, young patients will be given an age-appropriate gift at the end of their visit for being the physician’s star patient.

Patients at any of the Eu Yan Sang TCM Clinics are ensured that their safety is echoed at each stage of patient care.  All the physicians are registered with the TCM Practitioners Board and they comply with Eu Yan Sang’s strict clinical standards.  These physicians receive continuing TCM education to stay up to date on current TCM knowledge.  Clinic audits are also regularly conducted to ensure adherence to the same high clinical standards.


Eu Yan Sang opened its 28th TCM Clinic at the newly reopened Eastpoint Mall in December 2014.  Eu Yan Sang also, proudly opened their 4th TCM Wellness Clinic based at Plaza Singapura in January 2015.  This continuing expansion and expertise of EYSIH aims to make quality, affordable Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) more accessible to Singaporeans.

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