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Learning Magic Just Education

Mr Francis Ang – Magic and Science


Having heard that Just Education is a learning centre with, more than, a hint of magic, we had to go along to find out more.  Just Education is not your average tuition or enrichment centre, that’s for sure!  How many learning center’s star-tutors include a professional magician who teaches Maths and Science through magic, assessment book authors, as well as qualified teachers including ex-subject heads or HOD’s?

Just Education is unique for many reasons, most of all for its core business of engaging students on an outstanding learning journey that goes beyond the school syllabus.  Its 300 tutors – across 15 branches – are trained to cater to each child’s pace with unique in-house, research-based materials that will expose students to all concepts that will be tested.  Using the 5Es model – Engage, Explain, Explore, Elaborate, Evaluate – to motivate experiential and discovery-based learning, tutors take the time to first engage and pique the students interest, then explain and explore core concepts that are elaborated on and finally evaluated to ensure deep understanding.

Mr Desmond Peh – Just Education Founder

The founder of Just Education, Mr Desmond Peh, is a veteran tutor who has an EMBA and double mathematics degree under his belt, whats more, Mr Desmond Peh was a former professional magician.  Therefore, this unconventional blend of academia, business and magic make up the very core of Just Education.

The purpose of incorporating the element of magic into our curriculum goes beyond learning through fun.  The activities (at Just Education) are designed to build students’ confidence in engaging with an audience, develop their communication and coordination skills, and nurture their ability to interact face-to-face with people.  In short, the ‘performative’ or ‘showmanship’ aspects are important facets of the learning experience” – says Mr Desmond Peh.

Mr Zainuddin – Teaches how to improve memory

Just Education also hold regular workshops to teach students how to empower their lives, develop powerful memories, design goals independently, and discover the fun in Maths and Science through magic.  These magical enrichment workshops are held after exam times to continue the learning, yet bring in some fun.  Held in June and December, the Just Magic Journey will take students on 8 hours of hands-on mind-boggling fun where they will, not only learn more than 20 magic tricks, be amazed by the art of magic but will learn more about Mathematics and Science than they would ever learn in the school situation.

Fore more information about Just Education or the Just Magic Journey Workshops, contact 6567 0600 / 6565 1800 or see the Just Education website justeducation.com/enrichment.

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  1. Wow Its wonderful. It would be great to learn the difficult subject like maths with the help of a magician.

    Thanks for sharing!

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