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Let Audrey Christian give your Bosom a lift with PUSH UP

Audrey Christian1

Audrey Christian1

The woman’s body is a miracle maker. Not only can it form a human from scratch, it can then proceed to grow it for 9 long months, grant it passage into the world and then has the capabilities to nourish it well into babyhood. Incredible.

It is hardly a surprise then that we are looking less like our former Victoria’s-Secret-Angel-self once this whole ordeal has come to pass. Things are bulging where they had previously tucked in and sagging where they had once stood to attention. Cue the end of breastfeeding and…you get the picture.

Lucky for me, I got to try out a new product on the market – Audrey Christian’s <not-so-subtle> PUSH UP cream. Just like it says on the 150ml tube, this all-natural fusion cream promises to reduce cellulite, iron-out wrinkles and diminish those post-preggers stretchmarks. More significantly, if you plan to use it on your bosom, you can expect them to regain their symmetry, be lifted from the depths of their despair and even get a little firmer.

What sorcery is this?? Well, the PUSH UP cream contains the following natural ingredients:

– Apricot Kernel Oil

– Castor Plant Seed Oil

– Jojoba Seed Oil

– Rahnella/Soy Protein Ferment

– Sausage Tree Fruit

Now for the review…

I used Audrey Christian PUSH UP cream for approximately one month, applying it everyday after I showered (1 to 2 times a day). Each time I only needed a five cent coin sized blob and it was sufficient for my neck and chest area. The instruction is to rub the cream on upwards towards your sternum, which I guess is intuitive if you want to counter the effects of gravity!

The cream isn’t as rich as I’d expected, it feels water-based when it is applied and absorbs quite quickly. The cream has a pleasant floral smell but it’s not overpowering, so I didn’t mind applying it to my neck area as well.

I’ll admit, I was initially pretty sceptic. The verdict? Though I didn’t snap any pictures, I find that the lines on my neck are fainter and my boobs do seem happier! They have definitely firmed up and I am looking forward to seeing what another month of use will hold. A side note: I am still breastfeeding and happy to report that this is safe to use in conjunction with nursing, Bubba didn’t seem to notice any difference at all!

Has anyone else out there tried this product on their stretchmarks? If so, we’d love to hear how it worked for you!

Audrey Christian PUSH UP cream retails at $89 for 150mls and you can find it at Guardian Pharmacy or SASA Cosmetics.

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