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London couldn’t be more alluring (Part1)

Misty London

My sister Polly drove me to the airport earlier than usual- accompanied by mom and Bub- in case I had to repack my bags at check-in.  I finally managed to get on Business class- a huge relief for me as the flight is 12 hrs 30 mins)- my trip is beginning to look awesome.

4 pieces to check inGarment Bag

I checked in 3 bags and 1 garment bag and I was told I was 9kg overweight and I have to pay for 4kg which will be $70- after much discussion with the lady over the counter.  Batting my eye lashes, I looked at her with my innocent puppy eyes and told her it’s my first trip back to London after 13 years, could she be nice enough to make it an awesome trip for me.  She obliged kindly and disappear to go seek her supervisor’s approval to waive off the charges for the excess baggage.  Minutes later, she came back with good news, at the back of my mind, I knew this trip is beginning to look even ‘betterer’ (God’s grace!).

my boarding pass



After bidding my family and my lil man good bye, I went to the lounge to get some light refreshments and to get some rest before the flight.  Threez called me and we spoke briefly before she started praying for me for a blessed and anointed trip.  I was the last few to board the plane, but nothing beats having a peace of mind knowing that the Man above is looking out for me.

Time to sleep

Leg Space is great for sleeping

They always say that Singapore airlines is a great way to fly.  On the plane, the crew [Niz (Niz Syazana- she looks like one of the poster girls in the SIA ads and I complimented her on that) and Kiat (Ng Cheng Kiat)]was really attentive- seeing that I was travelling alone- made sure I was warm and hydrated.  I think I must have made them serve me warm water every 30 minutes because I kept hydrating with water- the air up in the altitude is too dry.  This can potentially cause premature aging –   dehydated skin cause mini scars on the skin results in wrinkles.

Supper before bedtime

Chicken Rice on board

Katherine, the stewardess who is attending to me told me that the chicken rice is awesome and the receipe is concocted by renowned chef back home.  I tried and I thought it was the best chicken rice I ever tasted (benchmark is airline food, don’t be mistaken I am benchmarking to the chicken rice back home).

My bed for 12 hours

I listened to the chillout music, read a few magazine and then slept for 6 hours before I woke myself up- it was too cold for me. Argh! I busied myself with freshening up and then breakfast was served.

When I was getting off the plane, I met this 43 indonesian lady.  Wow!  She doesn’t look a day past 43 at all…. and we got down to talking about healthy food and a lil of exercise… something which I strongly believe in.  At the arrival gate, my limo pick up was waiting with my nameboard (Addison Lee).  He took my bags and we proceed to leave the airport for Gabriel’s place.  The driver, Joe knows his roads really well and is an extremely safe driver.  He introduced many places and I was busy snapping pics … in the misty London morning.

London at its quietestFulham StreetMisty LondonLondon’s big on cycling after the Olympics

I arrived at Gabriel’s and he was still unpacking from all the moving.  I hugged him when the door opened that he couldn’t breath.  We quickly entered the apartment with my bags and were busy chatting. I can feel the excitement tingling for him, he has a new life here and such a wonderful environment.

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