London couldn’t be more alluring (Part1)


My sister Polly drove me to the airport earlier than usual- accompanied by mom and Bub- in case I had to repack my bags at check-in.  I finally managed to get on Business class- a huge relief for me as the flight is 12 hrs 30 mins)- my trip is beginning to look awesome.

4 pieces to check inGarment Bag

I checked in 3 bags and 1 garment bag and I was told I was 9kg overweight and I have to pay for 4kg which will be $70- after much discussion with the lady over the counter.  Batting my eye lashes, I looked at her with my innocent puppy eyes and told her it’s my first trip back to London after 13 years, could she be nice enough to make it an awesome trip for me.  She obliged kindly and disappear to go seek her supervisor’s approval to waive off the charges for the excess baggage.  Minutes later, she came back with good news, at the back of my mind, I knew this trip is beginning to look even ‘betterer’ (God’s grace!).

my boarding pass