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As aspiring models reach the final of the MODEL SEARCH contest, we pose a few questions to one of the guest judges, Pat Kraal as she prepares to fly in from Paris to judge the Grand Final here at Jurong Point on 26 April 2014, 2pm.

We asked Pat how she sees the modeling scene now compared to her time there in the 80’s.

“The competition these days is fierce thus harder for a model to make it big.  Photos are overly ‘photoshopped’ putting pressure on the young to be ‘perfect’.  During my time, we had fun doing shows, all the girls got along and we were like sisters, nowadays it’s ‘every model for herself!”

BM : What are some of your fondest memories from your modeling career?

Pat : Gaining a new ‘family’ with the studio team at Jean Louis Scherrer;  Being introduced by Mr Givenchy and shaking hands with Audrey Hepburn;  Being involved in the birth of a Haute Couture dress and to see it transformed into the most dazzling fairytale like gown…fascinating!

Pat has recently stepped back into the model industry and is working as a model scout with Global Face Management.  Interested to find out how she juggles her career and family life, we asked what challenges she has faced after more than 20 years as a stay-at-home Mum;

It wasn’t easy, same industry but a change of role.  There’s tricks of the trade and new lingo to learn as well as seeing how the modeling scene works from the other side”.  

“Multitasking’ is my middle name and working from home does have its advantages, my house is no longer impeccable but as I’m kind of a ‘neat freak’ it is very clean!  Family time is important to me and we make it a rule to have dinner together at least 5 times a week.  My Children and I usually spend Sundays doing something interesting like visiting exhibitions, eating at restaurants or shopping.

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Some information and tips from Pat and what she looks out for in a would-be model in her role as a model scout;

  • Female models must be at least 177cm tall, aged between 16 and 28 years, thin but not ultra-skinny, must have flawless complexions, healthy hair and a cheery disposition.
  • Male models will be of a minimum 187cm, fit with good skin and hair and aged between 18 and 30+, they will be pleasant and easy to work with.
  • All models have to be confident, organized, responsible, have stage and camera presence and a great personality.
  • Take an interest in your material (portfolios, video, composites, etc.)
  • Be prepared to work hard.

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So, would Pat encourage her children to enter into the modeling industry as their chosen career?

I’m all for it, as long as they complete their studies first!”

What are Pat’s secrets to looking fabulous, how does she relax, what’s the best beauty advice she ever received and, with Mother’s Day approaching, how will she be celebrating this May?

“No secrets (to looking fabulous), just good genes but I do drink a lot of green tea”.  

“Always cleanse your face before bed, no matter what”.  

“To relax I spend time reading, watching movies and hanging out with friends”.  

“The best Mother’s Day ever would be to spend it with both my Mother and my children, but alas, it’s usually spent far away from my Mother.  At least my kids do spoil me rotten on this special day!”

MODEL SEARCH – Organised by Jurong Point in partnership with Carrie Models International


At this inaugural modeling competition females, males and kids who dream of a career in modeling have already come a long way down the runway and now prepare to battle it out at the Grand Final.

Happening on the 26th April 2pm at Jurong Point’s Centre Stage at Level 1, the Grand Final of Model Search will see aspiring models who have completed a grueling two weeks of casting calls and semi-finals take a step closer to becoming the winner of this Model Search contest.

The judging panel for the finals includes the former Singapore Supermodel Pat Kraal, flying in especially from Paris, Producer/Artiste Edmund Chen Zhi Cai, Founder and CEO of Asia Fashion Inc, Timothy Chen, a representative official makeup sponsor, Laneige and organiser, Jurong Poing.

How YOU can get involved?

The votes of the public constitute 20% of the finalists’ score. Public voting opens on 18 April 2014 until 24 April 2014 (11.59pm). All you have to do to be sure your top model from each category stands a chance to fulfill their dream and take home a share of the S$100,000 worth of regional modelling contracts is this:-

  • Go to Facebook and like the Jurong Point’s page
  • Vote for your favourite contestant from each category once per day
  • View the final public votes on Jurong Point’s Facebook page on 25 April 2014
  • Three lucky voters will each stand a chance to win S$100 worth of Jurong Point Gift Vouchers if their chosen contestants from either of the three categories should become the eventual winner of Model Search!

We would like to thank Pat Kraal for making time in her busy schedule, both as a Mum and Model Scout, to answer our questions.

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