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Review: Barbie Iron-on Style



My 4 year old Ashley and I waited in anticipation for the Barbie package to arrive. My most memorable Barbie back in the 80’s was Peaches and Cream. Barbie to me was all about long beautiful gowns, svelte body that all girls dream of, endless legs and immaculate hair. I wonder how the current generation of Barbie will be….We were told that this package allows mothers and daughters to interact and play dress up together. Being a girl at heart, I was very excited to begin our mother-daughter fun with the Barbie Iron-On Style.


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The Barbie in Barbie Iron-On Style is dressed in chic street wear. The package came with many fashionable and colourful decals that allow us to iron onto the various outfits using a non-heated iron. The iron does not need any batteries and is safe for a child to press the bright and beautiful decals onto the clothes without the risk of getting burnt. Ironing the prints onto the outfits was effortless. We simply cut the decal, peal the translucent film off and use the iron to press the print onto the clothes with little effort. There was also an additional toga top and skirt that allows us to mix and match in different combinations. Ashley and I became girlfriends and discussed on the design we want to achieve to dress up Barbie. She pretended to be a fashion stylist which I thought was very adorable. She was very opinionated and insisted on a big Barbie logo print at the back of a short sleeve dark blue denim jacket. In the end, we matched the blue denim jacket with a grey skirt and kept the rest of the top and skirt simple, we adorned them with a small cute bow and a cupcake.

The evening was dotted with many moments of giggles and laughter, truly a fun time playing doll dress up with Barbie, Ashley and l. I hope and I am sure many mothers would find this bonding experience a very memorable one like we did.

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