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Mrs Potato Moments


That’s me, if I were a caricature. I would be a potato. Or so my hubby told me.

I believed I birthed some parts of my brains out when I was birthing my twins. How else can you explain why women become more scatterbrained after they have child(ren)??!!

Would someone please enlighten me?

I am unable to count the number of times I have forgotten to bring my phone out. It’s either one of these scenarios: left phone at home when going out, charged phone but forgotten to turn it on, forgotten location of phone and phone ran out of batteries so there’s no way to call it to locate it. Or even worse, losing it in public. My record for losing phone is amazing; the time that I lost both my phone AND my hubby’s phone WITHIN the same week takes the cake.

And today yet another hilarious incident. My hubby told me this incident will go down in history.

I was busy preparing lunch for my hubby and I was packing the food. Just as I was leaving the house I called him, and over the phone I told him I was leaving the house and where to meet him etc etc, and my brain is like busy checking and making sure I got everything; my wallet, the kids, money, phone (that is on my ear at the moment) and the lunch. Then I locked the door.

Seems like I have gotten everything and as I was hanging up the phone, I reached for my purse and realize it is very ‘light’. I opened it, oh no I forgotten my keys! Oh well, never mind I shall just take my hubby’s when I meet him. As I stuff my phone into my purse, I realize it couldn’t fit. Then it dawn on me I had taken our house cordless phone instead -______-


When was the last time you had moments like that? Care to share? We would love to hear it!

P.S. my hubby always call me his big potato, because I am clumsy and blur like a potato. and he just called to tell me tonight he will come back and water his ‘big potato’.

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Comments 2

  1. Linda says:

    HAHAHAA…. the cordless phone in the handbag is just hilarious!!! I don’t know about losing yr brains after giving birth though… i still believe my brain functions at 100x faster than my hubby after having my baby! I think with twins, you just have THAT MUCH MORE stuff to worry about!

    • says:

      Haha, yes! Damn embarrassing. My hubby also made me take a picture with the cordless phone when he met me. Have a great weekend!

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