Mrs Potato Moments

That’s me, if I were a caricature. I would be a potato. Or so my hubby told me. I believed I birthed some parts of my brains out when I was birthing my twins. How else can you explain why women become more scatterbrained after they have child(ren)??!! Would someone please enlighten me? I am […]

Cats VS children

I used to have two pet cats in my teenage years. Coincidentally, my hubby also used to have two pet cats. And we couldn’t agree more that our daughters seem to emulate the same behaviors as our ex pet cats. Here’s why: Whenever presented with a cardboard box, both find an unexplainable desire to fit […]

How Toddlers Feed

This is what ALWAYS happens at meal time in my house Here’s my twins, Emma and Kate getting ready for a meal at the table. No matter what type of ‘airplane’ the food flew by, The respond they will give is always a ‘NO’! Followed by them pushing my spoon away. After several tries and […]