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Cats VS children


I used to have two pet cats in my teenage years. Coincidentally, my hubby also used to have two pet cats. And we couldn’t agree more that our daughters seem to emulate the same behaviors as our ex pet cats. Here’s why:

Whenever presented with a cardboard box, both find an unexplainable desire to fit themselves into the box, regardless of how big the box actually is. In fact, the smaller the better. 100% Most of the time, both the cats and children were more interested in the box that the toy came in, rather than the toy itself.

“Oh mummy’s on the computer. Better go sit on her keyboard”
“That newspaper that daddy is reading looks like a comfy spot to rest.”
“Daddy look really tired resting on the bed, I shall go massage his face with my butt.”

Self explanatory. Anyone who have had kids will tell you it’s true.

To bath both the cats and the children( not at the same time, duh.) do the following steps:
1) stand at the bathroom door with the bathing towel.
2) proceed to call them between 745 to 927 times.
3) Chase, grab and drag to the bathroom.

Toys will be played ‘creatively’. Or will be invisible to them and not played at all.

Does your child does the same?

P.s: that last drawing is of a scratching post for cats and a drawing easel. In case you can’t tell from my awesomely drawn sketch.

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