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Do you agree that looking and feeling young has never been easy? As we age, our bodies’ metabolism decreases and the outermost layer of epidermis thickens, making it harder for our skin to absorb much needed nutrients and remove stress from the environment. This is the reason why you should start your anti-aging regime early and not when you start to see and feel the symptoms of aging.

Fancl recently launched their latest innovation in effective aging skin care. Primarily created to fight stress on the skin, the Aging Care Line energises the complexion and helps to restore elasticity to the skin. Fancl’s Aging Care Line is the perfect preservative-free anti-aging solution. Formulated to fight against fine lines and sagginess, it supports the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen and bring firmness and elasticity to your complexion.

There are 5 products under this new aging care line namely:

1)    Aging Care Lotion – a toner that moisturizes to boost absorption of collagen that slows down the signs of aging

2)    Aging Care Emulsion – seals in moisture and nutrients within the skin to enhance moisture retention and collagen production

3)    Aging Care Cream – a more intensive version of the Emulsion that locks moisture in. Cream is for drier skin that requires a more robust moisturizing effect

4)    Aging Care Essence – a highly effective and concentrated essence that delivers maximum collagen boost to minimize signs of aging such as wrinkles, dullness and sagginess

5)    Aging Care Mask – the mask contains abundant anti-aging ingredients to restore skin’s natural radiance and plumpness instantly after application

BubbaMama’s marketing strategist, Amanda Low was given the opportunity to test and review the Aging Care Line prior to the launch of the new products. We speak to her on her personal opinions of the new range.

1)    What do you like about the products?

A: The products packaging are so light weight and easy to pack, making them perfect for ladies who travel a lot. We can bring all the items and no need for a travel-size pack. The aging care line is very easy to use and it feels very clean and fresh after every application on my face.

2)    Tell us more about the individual products.

A: The lotion feels very refreshing and I quite like the Essence because with just 2 pumps, it is sufficient for the entire face. My face will immediately feel soft and prepped for the Emulsion that follows. I will also apply one more pump of the Essence to my neck. In my opinion, the mask is the Star product of this aging care line. The mask is loaded with essence and my skin immediately looks plumped up and dewy soft after just 5-10 minutes of using the mask. This mask is perfect for night use before sleep.

3)    Will you continue to use this aging care series and recommend it to your friends?

A: I definitely will be buying this aging care series regularly. In fact, after trying this range it has made me really curious about the rest of Fancl products. Yes, I will recommend this line to my friends especially to all my friends who are Mummies. My skin absorbs the products very fast and very well. I give very high recommendation because as a Mother, we usually don’t have the luxury of spending too much time on skincare and beauty. Being a mother of 2 young kids, I need my skincare products to be highly efficient and effective. This new aging care line from Fancl fully satisfies my needs.

This new Aging Care Line is now available at all Fancl stores in Singapore. Do visit the store and talk to their Beauty Advisors to see how you can achieve beautiful supple skin with Fancl.


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