Bubba has Mario Bros’ Mushroom Head

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Mushroom head hairstyle

I am not sure if its Mama Dee’s, Super Mario Brothers’ or other cute babies’ influence, I decided on mushroom head hairstyle for Bubba Evan. The initial plan was the japanese boy look with the long hair but the weather hasn’t been kind to lil Evan lately. He’s been pulling his hair during his naps because it was too hot and his hair was too long. So we decided to bring him to The D’s Kiddy Salon at Tampines One to cut his hair today.

Evan was gloomy before the haircut

Evan put up a good fight wearing the cape because he doesn’t like to be covered.  It wasn’t easy to make him sit still and let the hair dresser cut his hair.

Getting ready for the haircut

We had to distract him by putting on a sing-a-long session for him to make him stay still.

Evan focused on the video
Mushroom head

It took almost 20 minutes to get cut Bub’s hair and it was finally done.  I must say I am really satisfied with the haircut and the service.  Next change of hairstyle will be the same place again and I would gladly recommend them to my mommy friends.

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