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My Fair Lady, often called ‘the World’s Greatest Musical of all time’, finally arrives into Singapore.

Bringing with it its very British finery, My Fair Lady based on George Bernard Shaw’s 1912 play Pygmalion, is one of theatre goers most loved musicals of all time and never ceases to enchant audiences far and wide, year after year.

Very excited that this ‘Loverly’ Musical is now here in Singapore, we were delighted to be among one of the first audiences to catch it at the Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands.




Playing to a packed audience on the opening day, our editor Clare Victoria took her Mum along to the show and both were treated to an evening of wonderful acting, amazing singing along with fabulous costumes and very authentic sets.

As the audience is transported back to Edwardian London, we meet Eliza Doolittle a cute young Londoner with her strong cockney accent has she sells flowers on the streets of London to her passers-by. A chance meeting sees her then whisked away and offered the chance to become a ‘proper lady’ in the ‘ever so’ capable hands of Professor Henry Higgins.  Living and breathing the British language, as it ‘ought‘ to be spoken, in the Professor’s home, Eliza Doolittle soon makes changes but not only to the manner in which she talks and walks but also to the lives of all of those around her.


This rather unlikely love story is simply ‘loverly’!

The whole cast is outstanding in both acting and singing and this is most certainly a show not to be missed.

My fair lady is now showing at Sands Theatre, Marina Bay Sands and will be here until 2nd March 2014. Tickets are available online at or at the MasterCard Theatres MBS box office.

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