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They say that no two pregnancies are the same but what exactly do ‘they’ mean?  What do ‘they’ know about your body?  You know for sure that your body will behave in exactly the same way as your first, right?

Quite often it’s not your body that responds differently to this SECOND PREGNANCY but more so your mind.  While your mind is thinking differently then your physical feelings or needs will perform differently.

Perhaps you waited and prayed to conceive with your first child or maybe you’ve always wanted a house full of kids.  In whatever way you think about pregnancy, your first and your second will be different for some very obvious reasons.

Remember how:-

  • At the slightest feeling of tiredness, you napped?
  • When soaking and relaxing in the bath for hours became an everyday occurrence and no longer a luxury?
  • You marveled and caressed your once flat stomach as it grew to accommodate the little bubba?


Well, the second pregnancy is not going to be quite the same.  Those moments of alone time, of napping and resting will be a luxury coming few and far between and, you will look at your ever growing stomach and feel like screaming out “enough already, it’s only month 4, how can I possibly grow any bigger!?”

We are fortunate in being able to get some first hand information from FLY Entertainments very own Jacqueline Chow.  Jacqueline was delighted to share the news and excitement of her second pregnancy with us and, over the next few months, she will be sharing some of her intimate thoughts, feelings and symptoms during her second pregnancy.  We hope you find some useful information for when your second pregnancy comes along or maybe a little humor you can relate to if you already experienced a second pregnancy.

Jacqueline has just passed her first trimester and we began by asking her how this pregnancy compares to her first.

I am definitely more tired this time around.  I am not sure if it is because I am a little older or because I have a toddler to take care of.  For sure, unlike during my first pregnancy, I cannot sleep at all hours of the day!

The bump is more distinct, even at this early stage of my second pregnancy.  I hear it is because the skin’s elasticity never really recovers.  I joke that my body is thinking “aiyah, going to be big anyway, don’t waste time already lah!”

Whoever named the nausea experienced during pregnancy as ‘morning sickness’ was very wrong!  It really should have been called ‘evening sickness’.  This time around I feel I suffer worse too.  My gynecologist tells me it is common that if mamas suffered the first time around then they are likely to during their subsequent pregnancies too (and experience the nausea during the evenings and not the mornings). 

I see my gynecologist for pre-natal visits pretty much as I did with my first pregnancy.  Checks are always made to be sure the bubba is developing well and progress is normal.  During my gyne visits when I hear the heartbeat and see the baby’s movements it still takes my breath away.  Of course, I bring home the ultrasound image but our eldest, Ellie, isn’t too impressed with the image…perhaps a multi-coloured picture would fare better with her!

BM: Talking of your first born, how does Ellie react to the exciting news that a new life is coming into your family?

 Ellie fully understands the concept of the baby and we explained that there is one growing in mama’s belly.  It’s funny, when I ask her where the baby is she touches her own belly.

BM: Through experience and talking with friends and family, many find the timing to conceive of the second pregnancy to be quite different from the first.  For example, some pray and hope for years before the first pregnancy comes along but then the second pregnancy can come as quite a ‘quick shock’.  Would you share with us your personal experience?

My second pregnancy was a wonderful surprise, initially a little shocking but wonderful nonetheless.  I was actually at the tail end of breastfeeding with Ellie and only got my period back a couple of months before.  In fact, I had a double period the month before I conceived.  I guess that this baby is meant to be and is already proving to be a fighter and determined to see the world.

BM: Do you have any unusual food reactions or odd cravings that have come back to you during this second pregnancy?

I do avoid raw food, as I did during my first pregnancy.  I certainly miss my sashimi and medium raw beef.  I’m not drinking alcohol or eating liver and such.  I do feel I am handling the smell of garlic better this time around but I still cannot bear to walk past a food court due to the nausea I experience.  An odd craving I have with this second pregnancy is my need to eat spicy food be it Malay food or Indian food.  I’m also craving sour and vinegarish foods.  Oh and sweet treats like chips and so on…this is one junk food baby!

BM: During everyone’s first pregnancy, the fears, worries and not knowing what to expect can be quite a major thing to tackle.  Do you feel you are breezing along with this second pregnancy like a pro?

During the Gynecologist visit of the first trimester, my gyne asked if everything was ok.  When I answered with a confident ‘yes’, she said “really, no nausea, no tiredness etc!?”  I was like ‘oh all of that…of course’, but because I’d experienced all of those feelings with the first pregnancy I accepted that as normal.

I do feel more at ease as I know what to expect.  My worry would be about taking it more for granted maybe, for example, during my first pregnancy, I found the time to practice yoga but this time around finding time to exercise on a daily basis is very difficult because Ellie needs her Mama around. 

Join Jacqueline on Bubbamama again very soon as she shares more with us regarding her Second Pregnancy.  We are looking forward to hearing her thoughts on dealing with labour and birth for a second time, how the second trimester is going along and if she is staying stylish in her maternity clothing plus lots more.

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