Benzac 5 Day Challenge




When we were recently invited to take part in the Benzac 5 Day Challenge we happily accepted and set out on the quest in hand which was to ‘outwit the zits’ !

Our teenage kids, Phelica and Edward, were excited to trial and test Benzac which is recommended by dermatologists and brought to us by Galderma.

Starting with the cleansers in the range:- Benzac cleansers are gentle and dermatologically tested to remove impurities and unblock pores. Daily Facial Cleanser is available as foam or liquid, there is a choice of cleanser for oily – combination skin or for sensitive – normal skin.

A wonderful addition to a skin routine is a facial scrub and Benzac has a twice weekly Facial Scrub suitable for All Skin Types. Our teenage testers enjoyed the invigorating scent of lemon and found the scrub, although suitably grainy to exfoliate perfectly, it was not too harsh or abrasive for their young and sensitive skin.

Benzac AC Treatment Gel – We all remember our teenage skin suffering from outbreaks at the worst possible moments and wishing for a miracle that would see that unsightly pimple disappear. This AC Treatment Gel, that will reduce the appearance of mild to moderate acne, is actually suitable of being dubbed ‘the pimple eraser’! Simply apply a dot of treatment gel to the pimple and be amazed as it disappears quickly. In fact, Benzac AC Treatment Gel, that contains the active ingredient of Benzoyl Peroxide, is scientifically proven to kill acne bacteria within 48 hours.

So, how did the Benzac 5 Day Challenge go with one of our Bubbas?

BZ Day1

Day 1
Morning – Use of scrub, liquid cleanser and the application of AC treatment gel to a slight pimple eruption.
Evening – Use of liquid cleanser and reapply AC treatment gel.

BZ Day2

Day 2
Morning – the pimple seems to have dried up overnight and is certainly less noticeable. Cleanse and feel ready to face the day.
Evening – Use of liquid cleanser and a dot of AC treatment gel to fully eliminate any left over acne bacteria.

BZ Day3

Day 3
Morning – That pimple that could have erupted into such a problem has now completely disappeared. We use the liquid cleanser.
Evening – Liquid cleanser is all we need this evening too as there are no pimples in need of the AC treatment gel.

BZ Day4

Day 4
Morning – Happy to say the acne bacteria is kept at bay for the moment and the liquid cleanser is keeping skin fresh and clean without removing our natural oils.
Evening – Give the skin another full clean and freshen up with the Facial Scrub and follow up with liquid cleanser.

BZ Day5

Day 5
Morning – Use liquid cleanser and be happy that our pimples are not daring to brave their ugly heads again this morning.
Evening – Finally, wash with liquid cleanser and we are done!

Photo: Edward

Phelicia BZ1Phelica BZ2

Our teenagers, Phelica and Edward were happy with this skin care routine and found no dry or tight feeling after cleansing. The appearance of any problem pimple was quickly and effectively treated and eliminated quickly. Although the Benzac 5 Day Challenge is complete, both Phelica and Edward are more than happy to continuing using Benzac in their cleansing routines because they can see a clear improvement in their skin conditions.

Benzac is available at selected pharmacies like Guardian, Unity and Watsons.

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