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My Second Pregnancy – Jacqueline Chow (Part 2)

Jac Chow



This is the second installment as we follow Jacqueline Chow through her second pregnancy.  You can catch up on the first feature of ‘how no two pregnancies are the same’ here.

We are fortunate in being able to get some first hand information from FLY Entertainments very own Jacqueline Chow.  Jacqueline was delighted to share the news and excitement of her second pregnancy with us and, over the next few months, she will be sharing some of her intimate thoughts, feelings and symptoms during her Second Pregnancy.

Jacqueline is now 5 months into her second pregnancy.  We caught up with her to see how things are going, what she is wearing, if her skin care and other beauty needs have changed as well as finding out if baby will be pink or a blue!

Stylish maternity wear and the joy of shopping

JC – “During the first trimester, and a few weeks added, I was comfortable wearing my regular clothing.  Now though, I have put my usual shorts into storage and am wearing maternity wear.  With a 20 month toddler in tow I find online shopping easiest and added to the experience is the joy of opening a parcel – it feels like Christmas!

Asos is my safe choice as I know and trust their sizing.  With free delivery worldwide and their great choice of anything from work clothes to evening dresses, the only kink is it takes about 2 to 3 weeks before it arrives but the clothing really does grow with you and fits until the very last day of pregnancy“.

Exercise and Pamper time

JC – “I found time to exercise during my first pregnancy but this time around any free time is spent enjoying time with my first born, Ellie.  We do walk every evening and most mornings with our dog so I can proudly say I get a 20 minute daily workout.  Of course, I am doing my kegel and pelvic thrust exercises, the latter will help with lower back pain“.

Jacqueline told us that she had been told that reflexology was a ‘no no’ during pregnancy until the 8th or 9th month, but we heard from our reflexology practitioner that, if the reflexologist is well trained and knows of your pregnancy then there should be no risk.

Beauty – Skin and Hair care

JC – Hair – “I did not drop much hair during my first pregnancy and the same is to be said of this second pregnancy.  Having said that, I dropped lots after the pregnancy and, because of this I like to keep a shorter style that is easier to manage“.

JC – Skin – “I seem to look more flushed in this pregnancy, I did speak to my dermatologist and he told me it was pretty normal due to dilated blood vessels in pregnancy.  Having said this, I did not experience this during my first pregnancy so is this the difference between girls and boys?

We talked to our writer, Lavinia who has combination to dry skin.  She tells us that, during her pregnancy her skin problems worsened but, thanks to JUJU Aquamoist, her skin balanced out and her once itchy cheeks were no longer a problem.  JUJU Aquamoist also helped with oily T-zone problems and it began to stay matte until mid-afternoon.  Lavinia battled with the dreaded stretch marks during her pregnancy, having tried the popular ‘cocoa’ brand and seeing little results and added irritated skin conditions, she switched to Bio-Oil and is now happy with the ‘amazing’ results.  Bio-Oil has also helped to calm her eczema.

Jac Chow

Girl or Boy?

We are happy to announce Jacqueline’s little bump will be a bouncing baby boy.  Jacqueline tells us her Mother dreamt the baby was a boy and Jacqueline jokes that the ‘pregnant father’ is coming up with all sorts of crazy names for his son!

Jacqueline’s thoughts and feelings during this 5th month of her second pregnancy…

JC – “Just the other night I felt baby kick, because I’ve felt these movements before, I now immediately know it’s the baby kicking and being lively, it is an amazing feeling“.

Work can be difficult and frustrating, some clients will not engage a pregnant lady but I am thankful for the clients who have stood by me and engaged me throughout and after giving birth the first time around – I remember clients who engaged me even when I needed time out to express milk“.

I’m crazy scared about how I’m going to cope with 2 kids.  When I asked a friend who recently gave birth to her second, she replied ‘very tough‘”.

When a Mama is so stylish, down to earth and feeling happy in herself, we know the pregnancy, birth and beyond will be a dream.  Jacqueline is going to be an awesome mother of two!

We will be catching up with Jacqueline again when she moves into her 6th/7th month of her second pregnancy.

Reflexology information from Feet Haven East Coast branch feethaven.com
ASOS maternity asos.com
Juju cosmetics information can be found at BeautyDirect.com.sg
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