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Don’t Neglect Your Feet




We often express our desire for top to toe pampering but most of us never complete the whole picture.  We always concentrate on hair care, skin care and make up but being beautiful and feeling fabulous has to be a top to toe necessity.

We busy Mums are up, for the most part of the day, on our feet.

This feature is all about pampering your feet and tickling the life back into your tired toes.

Let us start with the ultimate in feet care and a true, full body healing experience:-

Foot Reflexology at Feet Haven is the must-go address to have a proper pamper experience.

Our editor Clare Victoria went along to check out Feet Haven at their Katong Branch:-


Having never experienced Foot Reflexology before, Clare was a little unsure just what the whole experience would be like. Her masseuse quickly helped her to relax and get the most out of the reflexology session.

Explaining what each part of the foot represented in the body, it was soon clear that Foot Reflexology is not simply about tickling the feet! Applying good pressure to each point on the sole of the foot, this method of massage and healing is most certainly a must-try for busy mamas with tired feet and aching bodies.

Clare took advantage of the popular combination that incorporates 45-minutes of foot reflexology together with a 15-minutes shoulder massage.
The hands on staff at Feet Haven will be more than happy to accommodate ‘together’ appointments should friends or colleagues feel like relaxing over a girlie chat or need to schedule in a business brain-storming session.

Bliss Foot Patrol, $48

Keeping feet soft and sexy

Now that those little feet are feeling happy again, you should keep them exfoliated and soft.  We have found the SOS for feet in the shape of Bliss Foot Patrol. This exfoliating softening cream will exfoliate while it hydrates, leaving incredibly smooth skin. With its blend of aloe leaf and peppermint, it will tackle dry heels and toes to leave you with beautiful feet for longer.


Mt Sapola Foot care products are another wonderful find.  We are loving their peppermint range – Foot Cream, Massage Oil, Foot Scrub, Foot Soak and Spray.  These foot care products from Mt Sapola are incredibly soothing, smoothing and relieve even the tiredest of feet.  A great addition to the range is the Pennyworth Heel Treatment Cream – applied to dry skin or cracked heels regularly will see skin healed and soft once more.


Painful Blisters

Big nights out call for 4-inch heels, but keeping them on all night is often a little problematic! Dermal Therapy Blistop promises to help you with that, this blister prevention spray is easy to apply and creates a transparent film that acts as a second skin by protecting areas where friction can occur.

Blistop will put a stop to blisters once and for. Throw Blistop into your bag and you can kick out the ugly plasters for good. Wearing your favourite heels and keeping them on all night is finally a possibility!

Cramps in the Night?

Often going together with tired feet, we mamas can experience tired legs, muscle cramps and restless legs. There’s nothing worse than settling down into bed, finally dropping off into a blissful sleep when “youuuuch” leg cramps and muscle spasms occur.

We’ve found a couple of wonderful items that are here to ease your pain and be sure that you maintain your full beauty sleep:-


First up is Crampeze – this will stimulate the muscle function, reduce tension and clear build-up of lactic acids that cause cramps. This unique natural formulation of Homoeopathic copper, magnesium, feverfew extract, vitamin B complex and vitamins D & E will help relieve muscle cramps, spasms and tired legs.

Dose – one tablet twice daily.

(Not suitable for expectant moms without direct supervision of your healthcare practitioner)


Finally, but by no means least, this is just what our hot aching legs are longing for. Venetrim by Audrey Christian will not only help treat varicose veins by stimulating the blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation, it will also bring a cooling relief to tired, swollen and painful legs.

With its menthol scent, giving it an immediate cooling sensation, legs are quickly relaxed and relieved from all of the aches and pains the day can bring.

Feet Haven
For more information visit, please visit feethaven.com
To make an appointment, give your nearest branch a call:-
Katong (136 East Coast Road) Tel: 6344 7311
Serangoon Gardens (4A Maju Avenue) Tel: 62882314

Bliss Foot Patrol 
Available at Sephora stores

Mt Sapola 
Boutiques are found throughout Singapore.  
For more information, please visit mountsapola.com

Dermal Therapy Blistop 
Available at Guardian, Watsons, Unity, SaSa and independent pharmacies nationwide.

Available at Guardian, Unity and Watsons
Available at Guardian, SaSa and John Little


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