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My Second Pregnancy with Jacqueline Chow (Part 3)


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A second pregnancy can be a real emotional roller coaster and not to mention the physical toll it can take on your body.  You ask yourself if you will ever find a moment to relax again, will I cope with 2 children (especially when the first is still only a toddler) and is it possible to clone myself or get an extra pair of hands?!

We’ve been following Local Celebrity, and FLY Entertainment’s, Jacqueline Chow through her second pregnancy journey and think she has it covered and under control when she tells us.

Before number 2 comes, I’m trying to enjoy the moment, enjoy the peace and treasure every second with E before ‘didi’ arrives

She has allowed us on this journey through her second pregnancy thus far and now, as Jacqueline Chow reaches her due date and enjoys the peace before baby number 2 arrives, We were pleased she found time to share with us her thoughts, feelings and update us on this final trimester of her second pregnancy.

Baby Number 2 Room Planning



I have been looking back at some nursery decorations that I made while pregnant with E, in particular a black & white mobile and a ‘Westie’ themed mobile.  I’ve not had the time or the energy to make anything like these this time around but I will be recycling them for this little boy.  I do plan to make him a name plaque as I did for E…that’s when we finally decide on his name!”

We are planning to use the baby bed we used for E, we talked with her about taking the baby bed out of her room and putting it into her little brother’s bedroom.  Although there was an initial refusal, now she is fine with it.

Health in the Final Trimester

Health wise, I had a shock at being diagnosed with borderline gestational diabetes.  So for the last month, I’ve stuck to a controlled diet and cut out sugar but the hardest is cutting fruits out to a minimum.  Nuts, digestive biscuits and water with chia seeds have become my best friend for the moment.”

Aches on the back, buttocks and legs are coming in as well as cramps in the middle of the night.  Thankfully my husband is a light sleeper so can help me stretch when I’m cramping

Birth Plans

I have a sneaky suspicion that this little one may be induced like his sister was. I was actually induced 2 weeks early because of low amniotic fluid as a result of an aging placenta. Which makes me think I should dig out the hospital packing list and prepare a little!

My hubby will be there.  Although after witnessing natural birth he is suggesting caesarean at every chance.  I think the image of the birth is still haunting him!

I need to organise the ‘hospital bag’, the only item I have a definite decision to pack is the same cardigan I wore the first time around.  It’s funny but I remember reading somewhere that you should take an old tatty cardigan into hospital to wear during the birth, yes it will get messy so not a new one.  Anyway, the cardigan I wore became so memorable that I didn’t want to throw it out afterwards…it was like ‘hey, this cardigan was me as I struggled through the birth!

Preparing your first child for the baby’s arrival


At home we have been reading, with E, books on new babies arriving into the family.  We have been introducing the idea of ‘didi’ for a while now and she has kissed my tummy and said ‘Hello’ to didi.  I’m crossing my fingers that when the time comes, all will be well

…I do want E to meet her little brother as soon as she can so she will be coming along to the hospital so after the birth.

I know when baby number 2 comes along everything will change.  I’m trying to enjoy the moments and, most of all I’m treasuring my alone time with E right now too

All that is left now is for Bubbamama to wish Jacqueline a healthy and happy final weeks during her second pregnancy wish her all the best for the birth of number 2.

We simply cannot wait to see a picture of the new family of 4 very soon!

Jacqueline Chow is managed by Fly Entertainment.

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