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Cellulite and body slimming creams have long been the “joke” category of the beauty industry. With the launch of Lierac Paris New Expert Body-Contouring Skin Care, this might actually change the perception of many consumers. There are 4 products in this new body contouring range: body-slim slackened areas, body-slim stomach & waist, body-slim triple action and body-slim drainage. Here’s our review on these products and what we really think of the products.

Body Slim Triple Action

If you are interested in the instant tightening effect of caffeine coupled with permanent dimple diminishment, then this product is perfect for you. It has 10percent active caffeine (quite a bit more than other products in the market) to help firm skin and help the area concerned eliminate excess water. It also contains botanical ingredients like lotus and white willow together with peptides to help boost collagen production. Your thighs, buttocks and hips will evidently look smoother and more firm in just 14 days of diligent application day and night.

In order for this product to be effective, we suggest that you apply a generous amount of this ultra-smooth serum on your buttocks, hips and outer thigh areas. Clench up your fist and use your knuckles to gently massage the serum into your skin using circular upward sweeping motion. Apply some pressure on the areas that you wish to firm up.

Body-Slim Drainage

This is a very unique product in this range because it is targeted specifically to fight against cellulite and help reduce water retention. It is suitable for all women and is so gently formulated that even mothers-to-be can apply this product. It works best on the calves, legs, outer thigh areas and the buttocks. This product is free of caffeine and essential oils hence suitable for pregnant ladies to use to help eliminate excess water retention in the calves, legs and ankles.

We highly recommends this product. It is almost 100 percent effective and really does improve blood circulation and help reduce water retention. Spray on the product on your targeted areas twice a day (this product is especially effective when used at night before sleep) and massage in an upward motion. Within 10-14days of consistent application you will definitely see and feel some positive effects.

Body Slim Slackened Areas

This is a lifting serum that helps to firm and shape up our inner arms and thighs. It can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite in the above mentioned areas. It contains 10 percent active caffeine together with firming anti-glycation complex and lifting sesame extract for almost immediate skin-lifting effect.

We personally feel that this is the Star product amongst the 4 products mentioned. This is an ultra fresh and light serum and has a subtly spicy yet fruity fragrance. Massage over the inner arms and thighs twice a day consistently and you will notice the difference within 14 days.

Body Slim Stomach & Waist

This is a gel-like cream that helps to fight against unwanted abdominal curves. It is meant to be used on the stomach and waist area. It is supposed to help refine and define the waist line, firm and tighten the skin and give consumers an overall “flat stomach” effect.

We tried this product and wished it was more effective on us, we did notice that it is very moisturizing and leaves our stomach skin very soft, dewy and smooth after several applications.

Lierac Body Slim products is available at:
  • Beauty by Nature outlets
  • John Little
  • Watsons Ngee Ann City

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