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ZOOMOO is an exciting new learning network for children aged 3-6 years.  It’s All Animals – All The Time

The ZooMoo program line-up revolves around a cast of funny furry characters.  The puppets, animated characters and full body suited characters will take kids on a journey of discovery about the animal kingdom.  With the program organised into five themed strands; Explore time, Create Time, Play Time, Puzzle Time and Quiet Time.

Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie_With Afrina and Hannah
Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie_With Afrina and Hannah

With the myZooMoo app, children can use their second screen learning application to explore a world of animals and a range of educational content.  Using an acoustic watermark, the revolutionary ZooMoo app is synchronized with the broadcast where children are transported into a gateway to the interactive world of ZooMoo Island!

Without the aid of Wifi or internet connection, children or their parent, can open the app, access their content and explore at anytime (not simply when the ZooMoo tv show is broadcast).

Collectible electronic cards are sent from the channel to the tablet, ready to be played with later – unlock animals, gather food for them and enjoy special activities!


Key content that is available on the ZooMoo app is:-

  • pictures of real animals as well as ZooMoo’s crazy cast.
  • animal sound effects.
  • videos of animals performing their superpowers!
  • feeding animals with collected food
  • posing and photographing animals
  • albums for their own digital photographs and art
  • activitiy sheets for building masks and models, animal themed recipes and fun educational activities.

When the app has an Educational Advisory panel behind it, we know that it going to feature key learning ingredients as well as lots of fun.  The myZooMoo app targets all five ingredients:-

  • Teamwork (socialization and belonging)
  • Solving problems (creative thinking)
  • Overcoming obstacles (confidence and will to succeed)
  • Patterns and relational learning (organizing and storing information
  • Questions and discussion (reinforcing experiences)

The ZooMoo Mission

To explore the animal world in ways that are entertaining, interactive and enriching’ to create a safe environment to stimulate young minds and bodies.  To create a cast of funny, furry characters who help preschoolers develop a knowledge and affection for animals, leading to a lifelong love of conservation.

ZOOMOO Channel is on STARHUB CH 306
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