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Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs


While main meals are essential for a baby’s development, the snacks in-between meals are as important as it allows the exploration of new tastes and textures, and at the same time helps to develop motor skills. Concerned with how unhealthy snacking can be for your toddler? Fret not – Nestlé Singapore brings you the all new Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs!

The perfect fun and wholesome go-to snack for toddlers (bubba) which is USDA certified organic! These organic ingredients are grown by Nestlé’s certified farmers who practise organic farming. They are also naturally flavoured and packed with whole grains goodness- 34% of whole grains per 100g. 

Fortified with essential nutrients such as iron and Vitamin E that are essential for your baby’s growth and development. The Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs are specially designed – star-shaped, small and lightly puffed for little hands – to encourage self-feeding. It also dissolves easily in your baby’s mouth, each Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs is made from whole grains and crafted to a perfect size for toddlers (bubba) making it a perfect snack for between meals, complementing main meals.

Two yummy Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs flavours – Apple and Green Veggies – are launching this February exclusively at FairPrice for $7.95. 


Yummy as they are, toddlers will be fighting over them with the new flavours.  Flavours to choose from are Strawberry Apple, Peach, Blueberry and Banana. Be sure to get the new Nestlé Gerber® Organic Puffs flavours at FairPrice

For more information, please visit www.starthealthy.nestle.com.sg and www.facebook.com/Nestleshshsg to find out more about Nestlé Gerber® and its full range of baby food products.

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Comments 7

  1. Michelle says:

    My girls loved the Nestle Gerber puffs. Good to hear they have more flavours now. Just in time for my youngest to try!

  2. Holly jean says:

    I love that these are tiny … LO can perfect her pincer grip on them & also I feel they pose very minimal choking hazard (I feel quite safe). Only con is that the bottles don’t seal well and her puffs lose their crisp very fast like after 2 days

    • says:

      What I usually do is put a glade wrap before I close the cap back, it helps!

  3. Shub says:

    My daughter ate loads of Gerber Puffs when she was younger and now even the boy loves it. Organic is always a plus point.

  4. Jacqualine says:

    Happy to hear about the new flavours, just in time for my little 1 yo!

    I agree with Holly, I always have to transfer the puffs into another air tight container so that it doesn’t lose their crispiness!

  5. Dee says:

    Gerber puffs are such favourites among tots! We loved their fresh veggie bouquet too – what a clever presentation which offered healthy recipe ideas too! 🙂

  6. David Sim says:

    My kids love these and they will be thrilled to know that there are more flavours now. Thanks for sharing.

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