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NEW in Edutainment: Doctor for a Day App

Mount Elizabeth  DFAD App - FREE_Children_Game

Mount Elizabeth  DFAD App - FREE_Children_Game


Prepare Bubbas’ steady hands, snap on the virtual gloves and get ready for a busy day at the hospital with Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and their newly launched edutainment app, Doctor for a Day App.

This interactive simulation game by Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital extends the ‘Doctor for a Day’ programme beyond their wards and extends the make-believe experience to children via this App, available for downloaded on all iOS and Android devices.

Mount Elizabeth  DFAD App - WARD MAP

The Doctor for a Day App is recommended for children aged 4 to 8 years, this is Singapore’s first-of-its-kind free edutainment application designed by a healthcare provider where a child can learn, have their mind and curiosity awakened, use basic motor skills and enjoy the play as they earn points as they unlock various achievements.

Key features of the application include:-

  • My Little Doctor – Bubba can get creative as they mix-and-match hairstyles and accessories to create their own virtual doctor avatar. As they unlock achievements they will collect toy medical instruments.
  • Operating Theatres – First thing is to practice good personal hygiene with a good wash and scrub before stepping into the operating theatre. Once their little hands are clean, your little surgeon will begin to learn surgical techniques like; inject, incise and move onto removing little tumors and finish by stitching up the wound. More challenging operations will come up.
  • Anatomy Memory – This memory game will stimulate your child’s visual memory as he, not only tries to remember where the hidden body parts can be found, but also learns about the different body parts too.

Play and Win Golden Tickets

While your child learns and plays, he can also earn real rewards in the form of physical doctor’s toys from Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.  Each challenge will increase in difficulty given the progress made and can be changed according to age of the child.  If Bubba makes good progress and plays the ‘Hard’ level of the ‘Anatomy Memory Game’ he can earn Golden Tickets;  Golden Tickets are his invitation to exclusive ‘Doctor for a Day’ programmes at the hospital. During the ‘Doctor for a Day’ programme, children will role-play as little doctors, saving patients in make-believe medical scenarios.

The Doctor for a Day app is available for download on all Android and iOS devices through Google Play store and iTunes App Store.

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