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Are the kids (or you) looking for a new breakfast cereal that is as healthy as it is tasty?  Are you planning a celebration and need the perfect cake on order?  Or do you simply love ice cream but wish it was a little more healthy?  Well, we are happy to report that we’ve found some yummy goodies that are set to be new loves for foodies right here:-

Breakfast timeNestlé for good food and good life are a great place to start for breakfast.  Now with MediaCorp Love 97.2FM producer-presenter, mother-of-two and household name Ms Violet Fenying on board as new brand ambassador for Nestlé Koko Krunch, we can trust her judgement that this is a great cereal choice for our kids too.  Nestlé Koko Krunch is now launched in new Choco Caramel flavour so the whole grain goodness along with essential nutrients and vitamins just got a whole lot tastier.

Koko Krunch Caramel
Koko Krunch Caramel

Nestlé Fitnesse has a new taste too making it a simply tasty way to get on the Nestlé FITNESSE 14-day program to discover a new you!  Breakfast on Fitnesse Original or Fitnesse & Fruit or indulge on Fitnesse Honey & Almond to kickstart a great healthy lifestyle.  Add in some sport, exercise and get active and in just 14 days you’ll see a brand new you.

Something to Celebrate – Every celebration needs a magical cake and we’ve found some perfect delights that will make your celebrations even yummier.

SWENSEN’S have recently unveiled its new Disney Frozen Ice Cream Cake, featuring 8 designs based on Disney’s mega-hit animated film, Frozen.  There’s everyone’s friendliest snowman, Olaf along with Princess Anna and her younger sister Queen Elsa and the rough around the edges Kristoff too.  Swensen’s ice cream cakes are available in 23 flavours such as sticky chewy chocolate, frosted chocolate malt, thin mint, strawberry sherbet, rocky road, pistachio almond and macadamia nut.  Cakes are customizable in 4 different shapes; heart, square, round and rectangle.

BAKERZIN are baking up 3 new cake creations that evoke the taste of summer.

Tango Bianco – an elegant and understated white cake with fresh and zesty flavors in every bite.  Soft madeleine cake and orange zest while a white chocolate mousse is infused with Earl Grey tea.

Nutti Yuzu – Showing a golden-yellow hue, this cake is made up of a delicate hazelnut dacquoise base and two alternating layers of hazelnut sponge cake and homemade yuzu mousse.

Dulcey Berry – Layers to really tease the tastebuds.  Crunchy Valrhona Dulcey (blonde chocolate) feuilletine, strawberry mousse and exquisite Genoise soft sponge while the whole cake is then covered with a think Dulcey coating and decorated with strawberry coloured white chocolate pieces.

Whole cakes are priced from $42 to $65 and single serve cakes are priced from $7.50 to $10.80.

Soyato Soy Ice Cream
Soyato Soy Ice Cream

Healthier choice ice cream – Home-grown ice cream brand, Soyato is made with natural and healthy ingredients and, would you believe, makes it as easy to burn off as watching a movie or by shopping for 30 minutes!  With Soy milk as its base and containing only 100kcal per 100ml serving, it also has three times less fat than regular ice cream.

Four of their most popular flavors – wickedly chocolate, honey lemon, green tea and mint chip are available now in NTUC Finest, NTUC Xtra and selected NTUC Fairprice supermarkets.

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