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The Massage Chair uLove

Who doesn’t want to come home to a masseuse?  Sit back and relax while the masseur is kneading the tension from sitting at the desk away?  We tried the highly anticipated new OSIM uLove chair recently at the launch event and that’s exactly what it does.  We join the likes of Fan Bingbing, the new face for OSIM uLove, who simply loves the stunningly elegant massage chair which provides massage capabilities unmatched by any other massage chair.

We were all treated to two 15 minutes therapeutic trial session on the OSIM uLove Massage Chair in the OSIM Experience Lounge.  Sitting on the OSIM uLove Massage Chair, we felt like we were sitting in the air with thousand hands kneading our body with occasional spurts of soothing warm air at our lower back, we fell in love with it instantly and loved how it massaged us from head-to-toe pampering us and putting some of us to sleep.  As I was walking to the OSIM Lifestyle zone after the massage, I felt really light and it felt like I was floating around, like walking on water.

Gorgeous Teal

The OSIM uLove is unlike other massage chairs, its ultra-luxurious fitting, new massage features and superior sound system warrant its name uLove (You Love).  With its lush contours, plush leather fittings made with the finest perforated quilting, 5 colours – Charming Red, Dashing Copper, Gorgeous Teal, Handsome Brown and White – and chrome finish, one can never complain the OSIM uLove Massage Chair doesn’t complement their home deco.

Massage_Chair_OSIM_uLove_ Handsome_Brown
Handsome Brown
Massage_Chair_OSIM_uLove_ Dashing_Copper
Dashing Copper
Mind to body, head-to-toe pampering pack in a massage chair
Massage_Chair_OSIM_uLove_ Lush_leather
Lush leather
Immersive Audio System: Soft calming instrumental music is piped in through the speakers for deeper mental relaxation

V-Hand Massage Technology

Emulating a professional masseuse’s pair of hands, the innovative V-Hand massage ensures the smoothest and most enjoyable massage.  The 720 degrees Roller Balls can rotate 360 degrees in both horizontal and vertical directions along the body contours delivering 7 levels of 3D selection of shoulders, lumbar and butt.

Intelligent features 

The OSIM uLove massage chair is intuitive, it is able to personalise a massage for a unique physical build through shoulder detection, customize 7 levels of massage intensities, extend foot massager for different heights, memorize up to 3 different users massage programs for easy quick start massages.

Massage Programs 

A good massage program delivers more than just a good feeling, it is precise and targeted, effectively relieves and enhances well-being. The OSIM uLove massage chair presents a suite of massage programs, professionally designed and tailored to satisfy the diverse needs of the whole family.  With a simply Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, the uLove can download more of the latest Lifestyle Massage Programs for use. Through this ever expending suite of Lifestyle Massage Programs, the uLove satisfies the diverse needs of the whole family.

  • uLove Signature Massage Programs:
    • Neck & Butt – Works on the head, nape, neck and buttock areas to relieve stiff muscles. (First complimentary download program)
    • Shoulder Caress – Quick relief from aches and tension on neck and shoulders
    • Lumbar Pamper – Loosen lower back tension to maintain a healthy back
    • Butt Cuddle – Targeted back and butt relaxation for a prolonged sitting lifestyle
  • Lifestyle Massage Programs:
    • Sweet Dreams – Prepare the body and mind for a restful good night’s sleep
    • Deep Comfort – Intense massage pressure to relieve body tension and knots
    • Beauty Indulgence – A feminine massage designed to tone and firm
    • Relax Time – Head-to-toe pampering to unwind and relax the body and mind
    • Tender Stretch – Loosen muscles and improve range of motion for flexibility

The OSIM uLove massage experience is like listening to a lullaby with our body ‘suspended’ in a 45 degree angle, putting us to sleep or best, a relax mode.  If only we can come home to this ‘masseuse’ everyday, every 15 minute massage would definitely help us to destress and stay youthful.

For a limited time only, the OSIM uLove retails at Special Price of $5,499 (UP $5,999) & will be exclusively available at the following:

·         OSIM uLove Preview Shops at

Ang Mo Kio Hub #B2-05/06 | Bedok Mall #B2-57 | Best Denki Ngee Ann City L5 | Best Denki VivoCity L2 | Bukit Panjang Plaza #01-12 | Causeway Point #B1-37 | Changi Airport T2 Departure #026-115 | Courts Tampines | IMM #02-40 | Jem #B1-46 | Jurong Point (B1-34A/35/36) | Junction 8 #03-10 | Metro Causeway Point L3 | Nex #03-05 | Parkway Parade #B1-63 & #03-24/24A | Plaza Singapura #03-09 | Raffles City #03-21 | Takashimaya B1 OSIM Counter | Tampines Mall #B1-05 | VivoCity #01-50/51 | Waterway Point #B2-23 | White Sands #02-07 

·         Online at

Find out more about the OSIM uLove at

17 thoughts on “OSIM uLove 白马王子 Massage Chair

  1. I love to get an OSIM Ulove Massage Chair.. I never realize that massage chair can be as fantastic as regular massage until I sat on one of those massage chairs in malls hehe… I also had a pedicure with a massage chai & it was awesome hehe. I love that the OSIM uLove Chair look so girly and got lots of designs to choose from

  2. I really want one of these for myself. My grandpa had one and then he told me he was getting a new one..I tried to get his old one but they have some pretty good trade in offers. I missed it.

    Any special lucky draws or promos coming up?

  3. Whoa the massage chairs look so luxurious and beautiful! Can actually double-up as a sofa in the living room lol. When I have some spare cash and spare space in the house, I'd definitely get one. Nowadays I gotta beg my husband to massage me LOL

  4. Heyy..!!
    I have used OSIM MASSAGE CHAIR.This machine will be awesome begins for your ticket to great health. It is a kind of self-massage in which it does not require visiting a massage therapist.
    It is the best massage chair in comparison to others.I like this massage chair..!!!!

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