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PLAY-DOH’s 60th Birthday!


Hasbro Singapore celebrates PLAY-DOH’s 60th birthday by creating Singapore’s “Largest PLAY-DOH Cupcake Tower”

It took a week and 2,088 cupcakes made from PLAY-DOH to make PLAY-DOH’s Birthday Cupcake Tower.  Children aged three to 12 years old participated in PLAY-DOH workshops conducted by Da Little Arts School. PLAY-DOH became a platform for them to explore their imagination.  The week-long ‘birthday celebration’ saw children and adults alike creating their very own 3D cupcake designs, which were displayed to form the ‘Largest PLAY-DOH Cupcake Tower’.




60 Years of PLAY-DOH

Composed of flour, water, salt, boric acid, and mineral oil, PLAY-DOH was first manufactured as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s. It was then marketed to schools in the mid-1950s. At an educational convention in 1956, Play-Doh officially position itself as an educational tool for kids and prominent department stores started to open retail accounts. Hasbro, the second largest Toy maker in the world after Mattel, celebrated PLAY-DOH’s 60th birthday with a week of festivities (and workshops) at Waterway Point. The highlight of this milestone is the record breaking ‘Largest PLAY-DOH Cupcake Tower’ in the Singapore Book of Records.  PLAY-DOH Cupcake Tower stood at a height of 2.9m and a width of 1.8m, had a total of 2,088 cupcakes. Also in the line-up, a fun and lively storytelling session, hosted by teachers from Da Little Arts School.


The celebration ended with the young and old gathering to sing a birthday song to mark PLAY-DOH’s 60th year in the market, and there were DOH-DOH mascots to take pictures with.

“She was really excited to make her PLAY-DOH cupcake. She kept asking when she could go in to play from the moment she saw the Cupcake Tower,” said Mrs Jesse Chew, a customer service officer, who was with her three year-old daughter Celeste. “We really love playing with PLAY-DOH! It’s very fun and we get to use many colours. We play with it every night!” said Lezanne Lee, 10 years old, as she helped her brother Leroy Lee, five years old, with his cupcake at the event.

The celebration ended with the young and old gathering to sing a birthday song to mark PLAY-DOH’s 60th year in the market, and there were DOH-DOH mascots to take pictures with

Click HERE to see more pictures.

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Eric Foo

Eric Foo

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Comments 9

  1. Vivien Soon says:

    I didn't know this happened! My kids LOVE Play-doh! Is the "week long of celebrations" over already? I missed it!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Vivien (http://www.beautifulchaos.sg)

  2. Wow, my kids love Play-doh, I think they will be delighted to see the cupcake tower. Is it still there? Thanks for sharing too!

    Jac (http://www.thelittlemom.com)

  3. Same question I have, is the cupcake tower still there? G will surely get amazed by it.
    Cherry (www.sweetmemoirs.com)

  4. Winnie Lee says:

    Wow! 2088 cupcakes??!!?? That's a lot! I wonder how many people chipped in to make those cupcakes?

  5. Michelle Hon says:

    Those cupcakes on the tower are so pretty. Good to see bubba had a great time!

  6. Michael Lin says:

    We were making Noahs little feet and hand imprints earlier and I was thinking…. I sure hope Play Doh hasn't gone away.

    Glad to see they are here. Looking forward to plasticine castles soon

  7. This is so cool! Am glad the play-doh fever is still alive.

  8. Mummy Ed says:

    Wow that looks like a lot of fun!!!

    Ed (http://MummyEd.wordpress.com)

  9. Looks really fun! My older boy loves play-doh too but I make my own instead of buying the tubs. Saved me a lot of money. LOL…

    Jingyi Gab

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