a scene from one of the best Netflix series The Queen's Gambit

Playing The Queen’s Gambit: Netflix Series to Watch After The Crown

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With The Crown season 4 ending in heartbreak and disillusionment for Prince Charles, Prince Diana and Margaret Thatcher, we can’t help but feel the same way about having to wait (possibly until 2022) for the next instalment of this beloved Netflix series.

As filming for the next season will only begin by June, it would most definitely take a while before we get to pick up on the next phase of the lives of these royals. What then are we going to do while the next episodes of one of the best Netflix series is still under production? Speculating on peculiar 90’s trends (how about a Tamagotchi or Spice Girls appearance at the Buckingham Palace?) that may show up on the series won’t do any good either — we’ll just miss the show even more.

Must-watch Netflix Series After The Crown Season 4

We realize that it’s pointless to suffer from withdrawal from The Crown, so we’re suggesting the next best thing (or things) for now. Clearly, there’s no lack of Netflix series to watch about royalty that we can binge watch on at this time (and we’re not even counting Tiger King for this list).

If it’s a royal-themed show you are looking for, then we’ve got you covered. Here are some must-watch Netflix series that can help tide you through till the next season of The Crown is released

1. The Royal House of Windsor

a scene from one of the best Netflix series The Royal House of Windsor
Photo from Netflix

Get your facts straight behind the royalty you’ve come to know and love. While this may be a different genre from The Crown, The Royal House of Windsor still delivers interesting tidbits of history that can rival most works of fiction, and is definitely a Netflix series to watch if you’re an avid royal fan. 

This documentary series presents the castle’s royal archives, with research and interviews from experts and inside sources. Beginning the storyline at the time of World War I, you’ll get to see how the royal family survived over the decades in this 6-episode Netflix series.

2. The Windsors

For those who prefer keeping it light, The Windsors is the best Netflix series to watch. Proving that royalty and comedy can be combined, the show gives the royals the soap opera treatment — you’ll get to meet Prince William and Duchess Kate as caricatures of themselves.

Completely the opposite of The Royal House of Windsor, this show is a parody of sorts starring Hugh Skinner, Louise Ford, Harry Enfield and Morgana Robinson. Laugh out loud with the three seasons that are now available for streaming on Netflix, and you just might forget the seriousness of your need for The Crown.

3. The Last Czars

The Last Czars is another original Netflix series to watch if you’re looking for stories about royalty — it follows the life of Russia’s Czar Nicholas II (Robert Jack), the last emperor of the Romanov Dynasty.

It’s a retelling of the ruler’s rise to power in 1894 until his execution in 1918. This must-watch Netflix series is filled with history lessons coupled with a healthy portion of drama and steamy sex scenes.

4. Bridgerton

a scene from one of the best Netflix series Bridgerton
Photo from Netflix

Although this Netflix series isn’t exactly about someone born with royal blood, it still tackles the life of the elite upper class — Regency London’s high society.

Based on Julia Quinn’s popular Bridgerton series, the show follows the story of the Bridgerton family. Plot twists and dramatic scandals ensue as the characters live through this period drama, weaving through engagements, societal obligations, romance and high-stakes intrigue. Add in a pair of star-crossed lovers and you’ve got yourself an irresistible Netflix series to watch and binge on.

5. The Queen’s Gambit

a scene from one of the best Netflix series The Queen's Gambit
Photo from Netflix

Okay, so we’ve officially departed from being an official ‘royalty’, but like a true queen, this Netflix series has definitely ruled them all  — a record-setting 62 million households chose to watch The Queen’s Gambit in its first 28 days, and it was no.1 in Singapore for over a week and in the Top 10 for 4 weeks.

What’s more, is that Google search queries for chess have doubled while searches for “how to play chess” have hit a nine-year peak. Moreover, inquiries for ‘chess sets’ on eBay are up 250% and Goliath Games says its chess sales have increased over 170%. With this level of popularity, you just know: it’s one of the best Netflix series nowadays.

This Netflix series is a story of a young chess prodigy — Beth is an underdog who faces addiction, loss and abandonment. Her success against the odds speaks to the importance of perseverance, family, and finding, and staying true to, yourself.

While everyone now dreams of being a chess master, The Queen’s Gambit enjoys an extraordinary global reach — from Russia and Hong Kong to France, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. It’s a record-setting checkmate that shouldn’t leave any room for doubt that this should be among your list of Netflix series to watch.

Best Netflix Series to Watch After The Crown Season 4

Without a doubt, The Crown season 4 has made us longing for more royal stories. 

Whether you make your move with The Queen’s Gambit or decide to keep it within the royal family at The Royal House of Windsor, you have a kingdom of choices when it comes to Netflix series to watch while the next episodes of The Crown are not yet available. From the serious to the absurd, these must-watch Netflix series will definitely satisfy your cravings for royal-themed programming.

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