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POPULAR Bookfest@Singapore 2017 – Readers’ Choice Award

the popular bookfest


For someone who likes to read, POPULAR Bookfest@Singapore 2017 is a book paradise we would indulge ourselves with books and great dealspopular bookfest

This year marks the 11th year of BookFest and POPULAR has decided to make it the best one yet! With 130, 000 square feet of exhibition space, a vast range of books, stationeries, music, gadgets, and IT products will be showcased. The BookFest this year will also feature the first-ever exclusive Gadgets & IT Show with great bargains and value-for-money deals!popular bookfest

BookFest is a perfect platform to bring together publishers and distributors from all around the globe. These partners that Popular has been working include those from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Malaysia, and Singapore.

We were happy to meet with AJ Low (Adan & Felicia) authors for Sherlock Sam who are hot favorites for Readers’ Choice Awards last year and interviewed them.


BM: What inspired you to come up with the Sherlock Sam series?

AL: We’ve always loved reading mystery novels ever since we were kids. Felicia grew up on a steady staple of Famous Five and Secret Seven and Adan read Encyclopedia Brown. We both also loved Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. So, when Epigram Books wanted to work with us on the Sherlock Sam series, we jumped at the opportunity. We’ve infused many of the characters, especially Sherlock Sam and Watson, with our personalities, likes, and dislikes so they’re geeky, clumsy, (too) curious, and they love food!popular bookfest


BM: Like every mystery genre, a protagonist always requires a sidekick. How does Watson complement Sherlock Sam’s character?

AL: Watson’s the grumpy old man of the duo. Whenever Sherlock asks him to do something, Watson will question why (and at times, flat out refuses to budge). He’d rather stay at home in his pajamas and read comics. However, even though he tries to hide it, he’s fiercely loyal to Sherlock and the Supper Club, and (against his better judgment) ends up a reluctant partner to Sherlock’s overly inquisitive nature.

BM: Not only do we love the local references to places like Katong and Balestier, but we also like how the Peranakan food heritage is introduced throughout the series. What inspired you to bring in the local references?

AL: Felicia is Peranakan and her heritage is very important to her. It’s also how she tries to stay in touch with her roots–research and eating lots of delicious food.

In the first book, Sherlock Sam and the Missing Heirloom in Katong, we feature Felicia’s maternal grandmother, Auntie Kim Lian. The recipe book that goes missing is also a real item that belonged to Felicia’s Mama. Adan just loves eating home-cooked Peranakan food (and most local food, really) so it’s a good excuse to research-eat and include it in our books.  Also, we really wanted kids today to be able to read a detective series set in Singapore because we feel it’s essential that kids are able to see themselves represented in the books that they read.

BM: What other local elements can your readers expect in upcoming stories?

AL: We never quite know where the next crime will take place until it happens, but we know there’ll definitely be lots of good food to research nearby. If not, Sherlock Sam will seek them out along the way (he’s a growing boy, he needs nourishment).

BM: Sherlock Sam is smart, witty, and extremely analytical. What do you wish for children to take away from their reading experience?

AL: That being curious and asking questions when you don’t understand is important. That friends can become family. That teamwork is important. And lastly, that reading is lots of fun.

BM: How confident are you of winning the Readers’ Choice Awards 2017?

AL: We have no idea, to be honest! We’d love to win again because it means that people are reading our books.

Be sure to visit BookFest to find Sherlock Sam books or find the best deals!


POPULAR BookFest@Singapore 2017

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention Centre Hall 401 – 406

Date: 15 – 24 December 2017

Time: 10 am  – 10 pm daily

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