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Sometimes the deals and offers for Spa and Wellness services are too good to miss.  Thrifty Mama does her math and realises that she can save a huge amount per session if she signs up for a package.  Of course, this is all well and good and, as Mama saves money, yet enjoys her spa and wellness services, all the family are happy.  But, what happens if that very spa or wellness service provider suddenly goes out of business and disappears with our prepaid package monies!?

If this has ever happened to you then you know the stress caused as well as time consumed with legal advice and time in the small claims court as we attempt to find, at least a portion of, our prepaid monies back.  That’s why the new TRUST Programme by EZ-Link is giving us the confidence to once again ‘trust’ some of the spa and wellness providers around.

Why Merchants and Consumers Need TRUST:-

  • Merchants who sign into the TRUST Programme know that they are joining a programme that is endorsed and supported by Spa & Wellness Association of Singapore and CaseTrust.  Once signed up, they will receive the authorisation to display the recognised TRUST logo on their website or in their premises so consumers have peace of mind for purchase of Spa and Wellness Prepaid Packages.  Unlike existing costly insurance schemes, TRUST does not ask the merchant for upfront premium payments.  Merchants can build a trusting relationship with their consumers/clients simply by giving them peace of mind and passing on the message that they are committed to providing the quality service.
  • Consumer, who purchase prepaid packages with any of the participating TRUST Programme merchants will be given a TRUST Card which, not only enables us to view our account balance and check our transaction history and expiry dates but, more importantly, acts as a guarantee that, should the merchant (spa or wellness provider) cease operations, we can receive a refund of any un-utilised value from our prepaid packages.  The TRUST Card can also give us more flexibility and control of our personal cash flow.  Through the Instalment Payment Plan, we have another payment option when purchasing prepaid packages with spa and wellness providers and, when using UOB Credit Cards we enjoy 0% interest.

For more information, please click HERE

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Watch out for special promotions coming soon that will be offered by TRUST merchants like; D’Skin (Heartland Mall), Shou Slimming Centre (Velocity@Novena Square) and Han Dynasty Massage and Spa (ROCCA Balestier).

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