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Pushing forward with my baby


As I went further into this pregnancy surrounded by the ‘Circle of Love’ (by this I meant the people who support me by showering me with their love), I began to realize that it’s getting easier because of their support.  The journey can be dotted with much emotional turmoil but the most important thing I needed was love and support (which I got from my family and friends).  It saw me through this really tough period when I was feeling tired from work, depressed from the drama of this unplanned pregnancy.

There were countless aspects of this complication that I need to find out and deal with one at a time, like the fact that I am totally not entitled to any government subsidy (the Baby Bonus) if I am not married. I have to bring up this baby alone financially; fortunately I spoke to someone in the family court and I learnt about my rights.  The government is not helping me financially but the law (the Women’s Charter Chapter 68) will help me to obtain childcare maintenance.

As complicated as it seems, I had to be strong and rationalize the issues of becoming a single mom. I didn’t stop focusing on this precious life growing inside me.  In fact it pushed me to be more positive, happier, decisive so that I can focus on the right things to have a happy and healthy pregnancy.  Every step I make, my thoughts would be filled with happy images of my baby. I truly know how it feels like to be a real woman now and its empowering to know I am now in control of both our lives moving forward.


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