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I have always been conscious of my pear shape figure. Even though in recent years Kim Kasdashian’s and J.Lo’s butts gained in popularity, I still wished for a more svelte hourglass-shaped figure. So when Bubbamama approached me to review Absolute Slimming’s slimming program as a guest contributor, I jumped at the opportunity to try out Absolute Slimming TCM body shaping treatment.


The Absolute Slimming TCM treatments are twice a week and each session lasts about an hour. The Absolute Slimming therapist will first ‘guasha’ my body – ‘guasha’ involves repeated pressured stokes over the skin which encourages blood circulation and maximises the effects of cupping which is done next. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest, I found this to be an 8. Whenever I let the therapist at Absolute Slimming know it is too painful, she usually lightens her strokes to an acceptable level of about 5.

After the ‘guasha’ process, the therapist at Absolute Slimming will place cupping tools onto acupoints along my arms, legs, back and tummy. The stimulation of the acupuncture points stimulates metabolism, burning the excess fat and even cellulite. I found this slightly uncomfortable but and the pain is bearable.


The diet was restrictive – no carbs, no processed food, less red meat, no sugary drinks, no soups. Lean meat, vegetables and fruits were encouraged. In essence, it is a very healthy clean diet. I am big on eating wholesome and healthy so I enjoyed this aspect of the programme.

However, things do get really tricky when I go for dinner parties and lunch/dinner appointments but what I realised is that it is always possible to eat healthy in most restaurants. I may not be able to have everyone’s favourite dish of bangers and mash or crème brulee but I still get to enjoy grilled chicken or fish, which works well for me.

This is how my daily diet looked like on a typical day during the programme:


  • Raw bee pollen
  • 1 hard boiled egg/ 1 wholemeal bread


  • Oil-based salad or fruits


  • Lean chicken/fish and vegetable


I was told to eat till I was 70% full and strangely I didn’t experience hunger pangs like I did with other TCM programmes. Absolute Slimming credits this lack of appetite as a result of the cupping on the appropriate acupoints. I found this AMAZING and I would do it again!

Since I was already underweight, I did not want to lose too much weight. My main objective with a programme of 12 sessions, was to achieve a more svelte hourglass figure and I was really pleased with the outcome as there was inch loss, mainly in the lower half of my body. Whist comparing my before and after photos, I noticed that my figure not only looks more proportionate, it also looks more lifted and more toned.

Visible results: Thigh, hips and waist looks smaller
Visible difference: Thigh and Hip area is more toned
Absolute Slimming 3
Visible difference: Tummy area is flatter


Total weight lost: 2.1kg

Fat percentage fell from 25.5% to 24.3%

Inches lost on:

Right arm: 1.3cm

Left arm: 1.5cm

Right thigh: 2.5cm

Left thigh: 1.5cm

Waist: 2cm

Tummy: 3cm


Absolute Slimming Premium package – SGD $1, 600 for the first 8 sessions. Quote BUBBAMAMA to get 1 x free body treatment with every Premium package paid. Offer expires 31 August 2015.

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