Review: ATACHE C Vital Anti-ageing Cream

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ATACHE C Vital Facial Treatment promises to protect the skin against premature ageing.  It’s a biological triple-antioxidant protector which helps to reset the skin’s anti-oxidant defense mechanism.  It also helps to reactivate cell renewal giving a healthy pink glow- imagine leaving home without makeup, only with sunscreen.  Combining the facial massage with Atache products, the skin’s luminosity is fully recaptured, encouraging firmness into the skin.

The facial started with a double cleansing using ATACHE oil cleaner and foaming cleansing consecutively.  The ATACHE Oily SK renewal therapy was used after the cleansing soften the pores to aid removal of black head and unblock the pores..  It is a powerful peeling agent which rids the skin of impurities with a cleansing action, offers incredible anti-oxidant benefits and a peeling effect.  It is the star product among all ATACHE products, which helps combat acne and calm the skin and minimize the appearance of break outs and pimples.

After the extraction, the ATACHE Depil Comfort was used to massage the face to increase the blood circulation and help reduce redness in the skin.  This massage gel to calm skin after extraction or hair removal to prevent infection and blotchiness.  The ATACHE Complex Vitamin C Mask is is soaked in the vitamin-rich solution and placed on the face. This mask helps to moisturize the skin and give it a clean and freshness feeling.  Together with the ATACHE Complex Vitamin C Mask, the ATACHE Soft Mask was used together to give an immediate intense feeling of elasticity leaving skin smooth and supple.  The main ingredients in this mask, green tea and penetrating vitamin c into the skin helps to detox and whiten the skin for a smoother fairer glow.

The ATACHE C Vital Facial Treatment is highly recommended for dull, tired-looking and ageing skin.  Mamas like us who work 24/7 to look after the family certainly need the extra help to maintain a youthful looking skin.

The ATACHE C Vital facial treatment cost about SGD$480.
To arrange for a facial treatment at your nearest beauty salon (among 80 salons in Singapore), 
please call +65 6316 3168 to fix an appointment.
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