Need a Lift? We try Atache’s Lift Therapy

LIFT THERAPY BY ATACHE : WHEN YOU NEED A LIFT, CHOOSE A NON INVASIVE TREATMENT THAT WILL REDUCE THE SIGNS OF AGEING We recently experienced a much-needed lift at the hands of Atache’s Lift Therapy treatment. Not only does the facial and neck treatment’s active ingredients show some immediate results, the massage techniques used are […]

Review: ATACHE C Vital Anti-ageing Cream

ATACHE C VITAL FACIAL TREATMENT FOR ANTI-AGING MEASURES ATACHE C Vital Facial Treatment promises to protect the skin against premature ageing.  It’s a biological triple-antioxidant protector which helps to reset the skin’s anti-oxidant defense mechanism.  It also helps to reactivate cell renewal giving a healthy pink glow- imagine leaving home without makeup, only with sunscreen. […]