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Review: Flawless Skin at SL Clinic



A One-stop Solution to Flawless Skin at SL Clinic

We tried the new Clear + Brilliant Laser Skincare and under eye filler and were impressed with the instant result.

I am not particularly keen about doing facial fortnightly as the process is very time-consuming. I feel the two long hours spent lying down can be converted into something more productive. Thus, it is my mission to search for a quick procedure that can solve my skin problems and I finally found it at SL Clinic!

In a total of two 20-minute sessions, my skin is visibly illuminated and renewed with a smoother texture.

Undereye Filler

During the first session, I did a quick undereye filler to reduce the appearance of my dark eye circles. As my dark circles are hereditary, there is nothing I can do to prevent them from forming, even at times when I get plenty of sleep.

After a consultation with Dr Sue, the only way to lighten them and lift my sunken undereye is to undergo a non-surgical procedure with soft filler. Even though needle phobia was real, I boldly did it (with some hesitant). Under simple anesthesia and Dr Sue’s skilled hands, the entire 30-minute process was made painless. I was really surprised to see the immediate result and confidently went home without concealer.


Clear + Brilliant 

At the second appointment, Dr Sue recommended Clear + Brilliant laser treatment to minimise my pores. As its name suggests, this gentle laser treatment is your one-stop solution to clear and brilliant skin. Using fractional laser technology, the skin is stimulated to produce natural collagen and vital proteins that help to improve complexion.

Before the laser procedure, numbing cream was applied on my face to reduce unforeseen pain and provide additional comfort. The treatment begun when the numb kicked in after a good 30-minute or so. Assuring me everything would be fine, Dr Sue proceeded to press a rollerball against my skin and gently glided it over my cheeks, forehead and down to my chin in circular motions to ensure all areas were covered. Though my face felt very warm and I could feel mild pricks during the procedure, it was bearable (to a laser virgin with low pain threshold).


Given the heat, I was anticipating my face to turn red and puffy but it did not. The pink on my face subsided after a few hours and my pores looked visibly smaller. Over the next few days, my skin turned a bit rough due to the shedding and replacing of skin tissues. As instructed, I applied a lot of moisturiser and sunscreen before going out. By day five, my complexion brightened and my skin was real smooth.


Nearly three weeks in, I continue to step out of my house without makeup. Yes, it is that brilliant!

Points to note after the treatment: 

Slop a generous amount of sunscreen on your face to avoid the sun harmful rays.
Apply moisturising cream on your face twice a day to hydrate your skin.


For more information, please visit slclinic.com.sg.

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  1. Amazing results, We really have to take care of our skin and consult with an expert. Kinda great information. Thanks!

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