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REVIEW : Pro-Freeze at Marie France Bodyline

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Even the most active amongst us have stubborn areas of fat, and often these just cannot be shifted to our desired level, no matter how hard we try.  Previously, we could opt for liposuction, but this, of course, involves incisions, anaesthesia and surgery – not to everyones liking!  We have been interested by the Pro-Freeze treatment and, when we heard that Marie France Bodyline could provide this revolutionary treatment that in fact ‘freezes’ away the fat bulges, we had to find out more.

We went along to Marie France Bodyline at Orchard Road, International Building and were introduced to one of their nutrition experts.  After talking about our diet habits and exercise routine, we took our turn on the weight scales to know our BMI (body mass index).  This told our consultant that we had some excess fat and she went onto explain the process, method and efficiency of the Pro-Freeze treatment.

Key Points About Pro-Freeze

  • Pro-Freeze takes about 45 to 60 minutes and clients are able to sit or lay back and relax during the treatment.
  • Fat cells are exposed to an extreme cold temperature whereby the fat cells ‘die’
  • The degenerated fat cells are eliminated from the body via the body’s own metabolism system (drinking lots of water after treatment is a must!)
  • As an effective alternative to liposuction, Pro-Freeze can be used to treat common problem areas such as ‘mummy tummy’, love handles (waist), saddle backs (hips) as well as both inner and back thighs.
  • Up to 65% of excess fat can be reduced after just 1 session.
  • Pro-Freeze is not suitable to;
    • those with major serious illness such as; cancer, liver disease, heart disease and diabetes;
    • anyone with sensitivity to extreme coldness;
    • those who have done fat-removal or treatments that cause fat cells to ‘die’ within the last two months;
    • anyone during pregnancy.

We opted to trial the Pro-Freeze treatment on the back thighs (just below the buttocks) as we are having some cellulite, unevenness of the skin and unwanted fat bulges in this area.  The change rooms are very comfortable with locker, clothes hanger and comfortable chair.  Moving onto the treatment room, the room is comfortable and relaxing, we took a book along to read during the 60 minute treatment.

There really was no discomfort whatsoever during the treatment, although our consultant warned us of the freezing temperatures, we found it comfortable and were easily able to relax.  The machine is a little noisy but not invasive to our relaxation.

Once the treatment time was up and the machine was switched off, our consultant took away the freezing pads and began to massage the ‘life’ back into our very numb thighs.  We did experience a little discomfort here, much likened to that when ones hands are extremely cold and are warmed up too quickly, but the massage helped to elevate the discomfort and we walked away from the treatment comfortable and happy.

It is extremely important to drink plenty of water after the Pro-Freeze treatment as this makes it easier for the body to eliminate the degenerated fat cells and helps the metabolism.  We actually think that a lymphatic drainage massage would be ideally scheduled for shortly after the Pro-Freeze treatment – similar to the MLD Massage we experienced at Hadara recently.

The day after our Pro-Freeze treatment, we saw a marked improvement in the skin condition.  Uneven and cellulite had visibly and dramatically improved.  Two weeks on, the effects of Pro-Freeze were still showing and the area of treatment actually ‘felt’ smaller.  Now, one month on and following the advise of Marie France Bodyline’s nutrition expert, as well as upping our exercise routine, we are pleased with the results.  Once too tight shorts and skirts fit more comfortably.

We do recommend Pro-Freeze at Marie France Bodyline.

For more information and to arrange your Pro-Freeze treatment, call 1800 7777 111 or visit Marie France Bodyline


This review of Pro-Freeze at Marie France Bodyline was a complimentary treatment, however, our thoughts, feelings and results experienced are our true and honest review.





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  1. Hawa says:

    Hi I saw on facebook you have first time promo for 180rm please can you pm me the details. I have fats just below my buttocs and make me have an elephant ears shape thighs. I tried many treatments but doesn’t work. Please help me. I live in kepong

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